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Admission to college can be very exhausting. However, the first year in college is the most unforgettable event in life. It also a period when the student needs to adjust his rhythm of life. Former students shared their survival advice. This “Handbook” contains useful tips help survive and overcome the difficulties of your first study year.

Get organized

It is necessary to organize your life properly. Make a rough plan for the day, dividing it into study, leisure and life. It is also worth to leave some extra time and spend it on useful things – for example, attending an additional lecture, master class, gym workout, etc. You should also organize your personal space, library and materials for study. It is desirable to keep your room clean, because you will live not alone, and constant confusion will only hinder you in all your endeavors.

Time management is a very important and useful skill in everyday life. Your future success depends on how you spend your free time. In college, you need to find some time for studying and for fun. One of the best ways to organize your time during the first year is to make a plan. This will help you succeed and achieve all your goals.

You should always try to set priorities in your studies and pay more attention to subjects that are interesting to you. However, it is better to develop your skills in other topics, because teachers expect you to be prepared and ready to respond.

It is not a high school anymore

Many freshmen have the same attitude both for college and for high school in the first year. Nevertheless, the attitude of teachers, the way of presenting information and the situation itself differs, so you should immediately switch to another wave and do not rely on teachers’ understanding or pity. You need to prove yourself from the right side, create a good reputation, make friends who will be your support not only in college, but also for future life. The acquisition of new acquaintances is the most pleasant thing that a student can receive during the studies.

Ask for help

Every new student needs to know too much information. You cannot understand how to register for classes. It is hard to remember the names of your teachers. You do not know how to do this or that task correctly. The college is full of students, former freshmen. They can help you if you do not know something. In addition, many professors, teachers, and other college staff can be questioned good and give correct answers. The sooner you dig in your student life, the more chances you will have to gain a reputation as a successful student. Do not be afraid to ask for help – start with the teachers and complete the senior courses. Also, look for support in various circles, interest clubs, etc.

Learn something more

Do not forget that you have come here to study, but the overall development, as well as the acquisition of new knowledge in the field you are interested in, is a great way to express yourself in study, extracurricular activities and personal qualities.

First-year students are usually a little shy. Big new world makes people feel embarrassed to go beyond their comfort zone. However, strong character traits will help to overcome fears and internal limitations. Many people can give you valuable advice and support. That is why you should try to be confident in expressing yourself. An active and fun student life will provide majestic memories.

Many students complain about the lack of literature and high textbook prices. Why should not you use the resources offered in college? Many databases, libraries and laboratories can help you to expand your mind. This information abundance created to improve the skills and experience of students.

Health is your priority

Watch your health – eat good food, do sports, look for your hygiene, go to medical examinations, etc. Do not forget that your health greatly affects the state of your ability to work. It is also worth remembering that health is the most important thing. Therefore, if you feel bad, it is better to take care of yourself.

Every man is a biological being and physically cannot do without sleep and food. Even if the “norm” of eight o’clock is unattainable, five or six hours per sleep is an indispensable condition for the “uninterrupted” functioning of the body. Sleeping for two or three hours per day will certainly affect your mental activity and learning of the material. In addition, it is forbidden to conduct experiments and stay hungry all the day long.

Look after your money

Students are not the richest caste. Therefore, they need to control clearly their expenses and to save cash. Distribute your expenses. It is better to keep a diary and record how much was spent. Always try to save a little money on various force majeure or travel – in any case, the savings will be useful for you.

As you know, in order to become a rich person, you need to pay attention not only to the amount of earned money, but also to the amount of spent cash. Any mobile app will help you to plan your payments, budget and set financial goals.

Working opportunities

It is known that every reputable college or other education institution has a number of student programs, contests and part-time jobs. In addition, you can meet people who will help you to start a successful career. Many freshmen begin with volunteers. Do not neglect the opportunity to work, especially if it does not harm your academic performance. The extra money is necessary, at least for entertainment.

Become friends with your roommates

Each freshman walking on campus on the day of arrival is visited by the same thought: “Who will be my new best friend?”

Your roommates are your best allies because you have to share one shelter for the next 4 years with them. Therefore, you should not make enemies of them. On the contrary, make friends with them, even if they are not particularly pleasant to you. They can help in various life situations beginning with the burnt pasta and ending with your diploma marks.

Don’t forget about romantic

Many of us know the situation when studying takes so much time that it is not enough for anything else. Such a situation can worsen the relationship with a beloved. It can lead to quarrels and offenses. The main thing is to be able to manage own time properly, to follow a certain mode, in order to keep up with everything and feel good. Each person perceives a certain situation differently. For example, some students may find enough time for study, personal life and still have time to work. For other ones visiting the university is a problem, and they spend an enormous amount of time on assignments. To avoid this, it is necessary to think carefully about changing the current situation and begin to live a full life.

You should not forget about your personal life. It can become a rescue and save you from the stresses that will constantly haunt you. Nevertheless, do not put love above study. Find a necessary balance between these two areas of your life.

We hope that this article will save you from all the fears that make you worry about your first year. You must remember that you are the only person responsible for yourself. That is why you need to learn how to manage your time and prioritize both core college areas and personal life.

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