Narrative Essay Topics for Students

Narrative Essay Topics for Students

Students often face the problem of a tough choice of topics for their essay writing, especially in case of the narrative essay. Pretty often, when being assigned a narrative essay, some students want to write about their personal stories, which is not the best option. To create a successful narrative essay, you should think of the right topic. Our selection below will give you a good idea of the best narrative essay topics.

Sure, you can easily come up with your own narrative essay topic. However, check our list of really interesting narrative essay topics. They might inspire you to create something interesting of your own. It’s very important to make sure that your content is 100% unique. It’s not necessary to copy the Internet samples. Your professor should see your student’s competence. Your narrative essay has to make the best impression on the reader. So, check our best topics below and choose your own essay topic.


  1. My first day at a new school.
  2. My last day at work.
  3. One of the most embarrassing experiences in my life.
  4. The most exciting minute of a soccer game.
  5. A memorable moment of success.
  6. An event that turned my life.
  7. How I regretted about doing something. If this happened to me now, would I react another way?
  8. An experience that renewed my faith.
  9. An encounter that taught me a lesson.
  10. A disastrous school experience.
  11. A lesson that changed my life.
  12. A comic misunderstanding.
  13. A difficult decision I had to make.
  14. An experience that changed my point of view to a controversial issue.
  15. An experience that proved how deceiving appearance can be.
  16. The best holidays that changed my life.
  17. My first time away from home.
  18. An important discovery.
  19. The moment I realized my parents were right.
  20. My career plan.
  21. My child teaches me.
  22. My driving class.
  23. My dad’s (mom’s) influence on me.
  24. An unexpected encounter in my life.
  25. How my teacher became my role model.
  26. My childhood teacher I am still friends with.
  27. How my best primary school friend influenced my life.
  28. The subject I loved the most in elementary school.
  29. My first participation in a mass school event.
  30. How my teachers contributed to the person I am today.


  1. The most difficult decision I had to make.
  2. White lie, was it justified?
  3. Love and betrayal: how it changed my life.
  4. A rebellious act in my life.
  5. How I realized I should be careful with my wishes.
  6. How my words offended a person.
  7. How do I treat strangers?
  8. An experience that made me laugh until I cried.
  9. My personal morality challenge.
  10. A terrible cowardice example.
  11. A frightening experience.
  12. How I regretted about saying something.
  13. Morality problems that bother me.
  14. The most difficult decision I had to make.
  15. How many lies I have told in my life and why.
  16. My first fight. Was this necessary?
  17. I have eavesdropped, what for and why?
  18. A person I would like to be like.
  19. The lie that destroyed my life.
  20. Why do people envy?
  21. Have I ever been jealous?
  22. A positive experience of following someone’s advice.
  23. The largest disappointment I had.
  24. The decision I made despite my conflicting moral principles.
  25. How I have felt extremely proud of myself.


  1. My first embarrassing date.
  2. The moment I experienced rejection.
  3. Why I realized my parents were right.
  4. A disastrous date.
  5. How one person changed my life.
  6. What my brother/sister taught me?
  7. A friendship breakup I experienced.
  8. The most difficult breakup in my life.
  9. A ridiculous misunderstanding with another person.
  10. My worst argument with parents.
  11. My first love.
  12. How long I have been in love with someone.
  13. Loyal friends in my life.
  14. One person, I fear losing the most.
  15. One meeting that changed my life.
  16. My best friend.
  17. Why someone irritates me.
  18. What I love about my family.
  19. Why it’s difficult for me to love someone.
  20. Why I don’t always find time to be with my family.


  1. I learned to do something I have always dreamt of.
  2. How my hobby became my favorite job.
  3. How I discovered my talent.
  4. I am not a gifted person, but I work hard to achieve my goal.
  5. How music changed my life.
  6. My favorite book and why it changed my life.
  7. Me and my favorite book/movie character: are we alike?
  8. The TV stars I want to meet in real life and why.
  9. My perspective on sports.
  10. How sports changed me.
  11. The most memorable moment at a sports event.
  12. My favorite place for vacation.
  13. The trip I loved the most.
  14. Why I failed to become a professional athlete.
  15. My first visit to the countryside/large city.

Social Media

  1. Why it’s easier for me to communicate with people in social media.
  2. How social media changed my life.
  3. My social media friends.
  4. Why I spend most of my time in social media.
  5. How social media helped me to overcome my lack of confidence.
  6. The worst experience with social media.
  7. How I found my best friend/girlfriend/boyfriend through social media.
  8. Why I never use social media.
  9. The share of social media in my life.
  10. Social media is my salvation. Why?


  1. I am not a writer but I love expressing my thoughts on a paper.
  2. The most interesting topic I have ever written about.
  3. Why it’s difficult for me to become a good writer.
  4. My worst writing experience.
  5. How I managed to create the best writing in my student’s life.
  6. Authors that inspired me.
  7. How writing helps me develop my personality.
  8. Why I don’t like writing.
  9. Is writing necessary for students?
  10. The book I wish was never written.
  11. What difficulties I faced when I started my first writing.
  12. Why the topic I was given was difficult to write.
  13. How the topic that seemed easy to me appeared to be the most difficult.
  14. How writing at school helps in our future professions.
  15. Writing helped me develop my social skills.
  16. How writing contributes to my studying process.
  17. The reason for me to prefer reading than writing myself.
  18. Why it’s easier for me to express my thoughts to readers than to my friends.
  19. Why I still keep reading my first writing.
  20. How my favorite book influenced my writing style.

Which Topic Should I Choose?

If you want your narrative essay to be effective, you should keep it short, approximately containing five paragraphs. It has the same structure, like all others essays:

  • It is the opening paragraph, which contains the hook to grab the attention of your reader. Also, it should contain the thesis of your topic.
  • The heart of your essay usually contains three to five paragraphs. Each of them should contain one example supporting the larger topic.
  • The final paragraph containing the summary of the main aspects of the body.

Essay writing is not an easy task and if you have doubts about the topic to choose, entrust this task to our professionals and get a good narrative essay within the shortest time frames!

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