Scholarship Program

There is nothing more important for students to get qualitative and actual knowledge. But education is not free and costs a lot nowadays. We are proud to make our contribution in availability of education for all students who aspire to start their study. That's why we propose you to take part in scholarship contest.

Your task is absolutely traditional: to write an essay on exact topic. The length requirements for your paper is 1500 words, that is enough for you to share your ideas and for us to estimate your paper.

Who Can Take Part?

We don't have any special requirements for scholarship candidates and their essay writing. All students have equal rights to share personal ideas in their essay. Just remember to make it readable, exciting, and useful for readers.

Possible Topics

You may need the following list of essay topics:

  1. The reasons to study a new foreign language
  2. Why graduation will change your life
  3. TOP benefits from studying in university

Your Essay Should Be…

Your paper must contain 1500 words and be written according to given topic. This is the main task for you to execute. Here are several other important requirements for scholarship applicants in writing their essay:

  • make it interesting and creative;
  • use proper English;
  • share only well relevant information;
  • use good structure.

We are sure you can handle such rules and impress us with fabulous essay.


Please, make sure that you finish your essay and make final proofreading. It is very important to review it for the last time and make sure there is no unpleasant misprint.

After your paper is done, send us your scholarship application and attach other important information about yourself. We require applicants to share their personal data, such as student's name, full title of the education establishment, proof of your education there.


Any question is important for both you and us. Let us know you need a help by contacting our expert team. Be sure, we can solve any problem and help you with your request!

Save your time and contact us right now!

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