How to Find Campus Friends?

Campus Friends

The freshman faces freedom, but at the same time finds himself in a new environment, full of hundreds of strangers. You can make new friends only through conscious efforts. Take a deep breath and get out of your comfort zone. Potential friends will not come to your room to meet you. Join conversations with mates, spend time making new friends and participate in the public life of the university. Do not be afraid of novelty, but always stay by yourself.

Campus friends are your potential allies for years of study. As practice shows, they become friends for life, as you go through an incredible check on the endurance of friendship and endure many exciting moments together. Nevertheless, at first you need to find good friends. Our tips will help you to do this quickly.

Show who you are

When the student is nervous or feels uncomfortable, he often has a desire to look mindlessly at the screen of a smartphone in order to look busy. Therefore, you will not meet anyone. Put the smartphone aside and use an easy, confident body language: smile and maintain eye contact with others. You need to look friendly and open. Do not cross your arms and do not study the floor under your feet. Simulate confidence until you believe in yourself. Even if you are embarrassed, confident body language will help to create the illusion of relaxation. Do not pretend to please someone. Demonstrate your interests, best qualities and you will find companions to your liking.

Be opened to the conversation

Do not be shy (even if it is difficult for you). Go through yourself, stay open to people, but do not reveal all your secrets at once. Maintain the dialogue, find common topics and people will reach out to you over time.

Find a more outgoing friend. Among the students, there is a variety of individuals. Someone is shy, and someone is the center of the company. Of course, the balance is important in everything, but find at least one friend with outstanding communication skills who always finds fun activities. With such a person, it will be easier for you to make new friends and, as a result, potential friends.

Ask for anything

Very often, studying help and solving any other problem can be found in the next room – you just need to ask. Also, reciprocate if you are asked for help, but do not forget to count on your capabilities. You should not expect that in the first week you would have a company of close friends. It will take time, so please be patient and do not treat people biased.

Visit parties

It is impossible to make friends if you sit in your room all the time. Get dressed, take a deep breath and go to a football match, dance rehearsal, party or concert. At such events, you can meet many potential friends. In addition, the more you know about the events at the university, the more reason to talk with fellow students. Yes, various parties in campus, clubs, interest groups and home parties are great opportunities to meet new people and show yourself. Try to create the right impression about yourself.

Join a society

Find out all the available options in the student council or on the college website. Surely, you will find the access to various courses, sections, clubs, art classes and community organizations. Choose an activity you like and meet people who share your interests. If there are no suitable classes, then suggest your own initiative! Create a club of poetry lovers or a group to prepare for a particular subject. Do not overload yourself. The first year student needs time to get used to student life. Do not sign up for all clubs or otherwise you will not have the strength to study.

Join the amateurs, if you want to learn a new sport. If you have certain training, then become a member of the team that participates in competitions. Nothing strengthens people more than joint efforts to win, common competitions and success. If you are not interested in competitions, then come to random matches a couple of times per a week or work out in the gym.

Share your meal with others

Yes, the best place to meet someone on campus is a kitchen. Treat your neighbor with something simple and tasty, and you will receive in return the same.

Dine in the dining room every evening. Do not stay in your room – leave the comfort zone. Go to the dining room! Therefore, you can meet with frequent visitors at this place. Do not be afraid to sit next to a new person or chat in turn for food. If you did not pay for meals in the dining room, then invite roommates to cook dinner together or eat all that was left in the fridge.

Join different online groups

In the era of modern technology, this method of getting the information is the most beneficial for you. You can enjoy friends’ circles, find out about all the current events of campus, as well as get acquainted with useful people.

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