How to Write a Lab Report?

how to write a lab report

If you want your lab report to be a success, don’t forget to follow a widely accepted structure:

  • Introduction;
  • Methods and materials;
  • Results;
  • Discussion.

Such format is often called ‘IMRAD’ and differs only slightly depending on the subject and academic level. For example, in some cases you will need to write an abstract or create an additional section for your hypothesis.

Not depending on the particular demands of your teacher, you should always start with an introduction. It consists of four main elements: your intent, relevant literature, hypothesis and your reasoning for the viability of the mentioned hypothesis. You don’t need to complete this section at once, as some of the issues may become clear only after your finish your report. Get back to your introduction any time you feel like it requires changes.

Go on with writing your ‘methods and materials’ section, where you should explain how your hypothesis was tested and what makes your research rational. Of course, it is important to describe the experiment but it won’t mean anything without a proper verification. Others may want to follow your methods or test your experiment, so they will need to have access to the methods and materials you have used.

One of the biggest mistakes is that students include obtained results to the second section not knowing what to write about in the third one. Try to leave all the details of your experiment for later, simply explaining how you obtained your results without any numbers or statistics.

Finally, you need to start working on the most important section, called ‘results’. It is considered the skeleton of your report and should contain all the numbers, tables, charts and images you have obtained during the research.

The last but not the least section aims to discuss relevance of the obtained results. Here is where you can explain your vision of the matter and add some creativity if possible. When you write lab report, always think of the target audience and try to understand what they will be interested in.

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What is Lab Report

Lab report writing requires not only skills but also talent and time. It is not a simple essay or a review, so you need to be sure that you understand the task correctly and know how to complete it.

A laboratory report is information, gathered through the course of your classroom or personal experiment. It is a tool to accumulate data, gather all conclusions and used resources to provide a thorough analysis of the conducted experiment.

Who Will Write My Lab Report?

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Unfortunately, a laboratory report is quite challenging and you won’t be able to complete it if you don’t know the topic. Sure, you can try to download samples online or ask classmates for help but where are the guarantees that your report will be correct?

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