How to Write an Introduction

how to write an introduction

If you want your introductory section to follow all the guidelines, to contain necessary information and grab attention of the audience, you need to follow a few simple steps:

    • Explain importance of the topic;
    • Identify the question;
    • Set goals;
    • Write a thesis statement;
    • Make conclusions.

When you write introduction, you need to start it with explanation of the topic relevance. Your readers should understand why the subject should be explored and learned thoroughly. In such a way, you will catch interest of the reader and will make him want to learn more about your research.

Once you are done with topic relevance, it is a right time to identify the topic question of your work. This means that you need to explain what issues or matters you are going to address. Be brief and straight to the point, leaving all the details to your body paragraphs.

In the next sentence, you need to set the goals of your paper. Try to express what results you want to achieve to give the readers a clear understanding of what the main aims of the paper are.

Proceed with writing a thesis statement. It is a sentence or two, which should concentrate on the results and goals of your whole work. Usually thesis is the key element of an introduction, so you need to work on it thoroughly, as it gives readers a chance to understand whether your paper is worth their time.

In the end, write a conclusion, using an interesting fact, quote or anecdote (if appropriate). The reader should have a pleasant aftertaste and be encouraged to move to main paragraphs of your work. You can even finish this section with a doubtful and provoking question, as discussions are always a great beginning for audience’s interest.

Now you know how to write introduction and simply by devoting your time and properly structuring information, you will be able to encourage the reader and make him want to continue reading your work.

What Is An Introduction?

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Not depending on the type of the assignment you are asked to complete, you will need to start it with an introduction.

It is the first paragraph of the paper, which explains the main idea of the work, its goals and objectives. This section also contains a thesis statement and shows why the topic is important for the field.

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