How to Write a Synthesis Essay?

How to Write a Synthesis Essay?

A synthetic essay is a written work based on several sources with divergent views. Moreover, you should go beyond the evaluation of specific sources to define the relationship between them. This kind of a written discussion requires the ability to digest different sources – essays, articles, lectures, interviews etc. This ability is developed in high school and college courses. However, it can be translated to business and advertising sphere as well.

If you have written any essays, it means that you have already worked with syntheses. It is a sequence of combined ideas set together to form a whole and prove a viewpoint. In an academic synthesis, you express the relationships that you have assumed among definite sources. It is necessary to be selective when choosing data from each source. The writer must choose the ideas and information that best enable you to achieve your goal.

There are several steps to follow before starting your writing which consists of:

  • Understanding the prompt. The author is supposed to brainstorm about the subject and generate ideas. The writer must think over the needs of the essay so that when he estimates the thoughts, they go as per the necessities of the writing.
  • Form a good thesis. This statement is dependent on the idea that comes first when the writer thinks about the paper. The author can rewrite the thesis after knowing the sources that he is going to use in the essay.
  • Looking for sources. The writer is able to find several sources that are related to the prompt. They will help with the claim. It is important to use credible sources with unlimited information.
  • Reading through the sources and making short noting on the main questions is a necessary stage. The final step provides justifying whether the source could be used or not.

What Is Synthesis Essay?

Synthesis papers are popular in high school and college so they may not be a completely new aspect to students. There are several categories of synthesis essays:

  • The aim of this work is to help a reader to understand a subject. Authors explain when they divide a topic into separate parts and present them in a clear order.
  • This is a kind of work that discusses what has been written before on a particular topic. It gives a critical summary of what has been explored including the different sources that have been covered. The goal of a review work is to stimulate more investigation in the area of discussion.
  • It is based on a powerful thesis statement that keeps the view of the author. The idea of an argument synthesis is to perform a personal viewpoint – supported by related data, and introduced in a logical manner.

The important tips on how to write synthetic essay:

1. Understanding the concept of an essay

The aim is to make insightful relationships between paper elements with the goal of ultimately performing and supporting a claim about a subject. When the writer does research on a work, he will look for connections that he can form into a powerful aspect.

2. Choosing a topic for an essay

There are various subjects for synthesis paper that can be highlighted. Usually the student is able to choose the topic. It predetermines the success of the work. It must be wide enough for pulling various relevant sources together. Illustration of a wide problem narrowed down into an understandable problem: if the subject is connected with Social Media, the author could consider about the impacts texting has had on the English language.

3. Collecting and exploring sources carefully

The writer has to select at least three sources for the papers. It is necessary to look for the material within the sources that correlate to the reason for writing the work. It is convenient to do marks and annotate each source that gives an opportunity to keep track of the way of thinking, generating ideas, etc.

4. Developing a thesis statement

The thesis is the main idea performed in the work. It must encircle the subject and state the viewpoint on the topic. According to the kind of the essay, the thesis can be either the opening sentence or the last one of the first statement.

5. Re-reading the material

It is necessary to go through all sources and select essential quotes, statistics, opinions, and facts that support the thesis. If the author wants to take on a claim by an opponent of the idea, he must also find some thoughts or quotes that go against those theses and find alternatives to disprove them. It can strengthen the writer’s argument if he does it thoroughly.

6. Outlining an essay

The author must outline the structure of the thesis. It can be done as a formal outline. Such an approach allows presenting material with the best effect. If the essay is written for the AP test, the author must understand that the graders will be seeking a particular structure:

  • The introductory paragraph
  • The body paragraphs
  • The conclusion paragraph

It is important to use a more creative structure to perform the author’s thesis. If the writer is not presenting the synthesis essay for the AP test, he must use a more complex structure. He can accept the next approaches to develop the essay:

  • Example or illustration – statements and quotes that support the author’s main viewpoint.
  • Straw man – a specific approach that implies performing a statement opposed to the argument stated in the author’s paper in order to demonstrate the weaknesses of the counter-argument. This technique is intended to show the writer’s readiness to answer the opposition.
  • Concession – the papers accept the validity of the counter-argument but demonstrate that the original statement is more powerful.
  • Comparison – elucidates differences between various points in order to perform their aspects.

7. Writing

The writer has to create his draft in accordance with the plan. He must be ready to deviate from it if new concepts and thoughts are found in the materials. The paper must contain an introductory paragraph that combines the author’s thesis, a body to perform proof that supports the thesis, and a conclusion that sums the viewpoint.

It is also necessary to write in the third person. It means using “he,” “she,” “it”. The author must perform enough data to display his trustworthiness on the topic. He has to write in the active voice. The passive voice is tolerable in cases where he would use “I” or “you”. It is important to use transitions between paragraphs. Such a decision makes the work look more logical.

8. Finalizing

Revising is necessary to strengthen arguments. The writer must make his statements as brief and simple as possible. The person also can ask someone to proofread his work. He would advise what to add or to remove from it.

All source materials should be noted. Footnotes are used to cite information in the body of the paper and a bibliography at the end. They are necessary for quoted or cited elements. The title of an essay must match the viewpoint in the writer’s statement and thoughts.

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