What is Exploratory Case Study?

what is exploratory case study

Case Study is a paper, which contains a detailed and profound analysis of a certain topic. It is a form of a research, which should examine a certain matter through the prism of a personally built model. Depending on the design, case studies are divided into three types:

  • Descriptive;
  • Exploratory;
  • Explanatory

Descriptive studies are used to analyze a certain sequence of events, which happen sometime in the past. Such topics may include culture or history, when students try to explain a certain phenomenon.

Exploratory studies try to find an answer on such questions, as ‘who’ or ‘what’. During such studies, scholars need to use additional methods of collecting information. They include experiments, questionnaires, interviews and so on.

Explanatory case studies answer questions ‘why’ and ‘how’, when the researcher almost has no control over the described events. Such studies usually base on explanation of the subject through the prism of life situations. For example, influence of political or economic events on global wars and crisis.

How to Write a Good Exploratory Research Case Study?

Exploratory case study is quite a new type of assignment, so many college students find it difficult to complete. Such task includes a thorough analysis and research of the topic, and an ability to prove a deep knowledge of the subject.

Completing this task the best you can is crucial to demonstrate your analytical and persuasive skills, as well as the ability to collect and process information.

That is why to write a good paper, you need to remember three main pillars:

  • Case study format;
  • Style;
  • Composition.

First, make sure you know what formatting style your professor requires. You need to write down its key elements, like font type and size, organization of pages and citations, and so on.

Then you need to apply a certain style, depending on the topic. It should be professional and readable, showing the audience that you know what you write about.

The last but not the least is composition. You should make the whole text ‘sound’, which means that it needs to be smooth and readable. Read your exploratory study aloud or ask others to detect and eliminate all possible ‘weak points’ and flaws.

Exploratory Case Study Tips

Here are the main tips you should use to make an outstanding exploratory case study:

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  • Always remain consistent. Reveal the topic step-by-step, in a logical or chronological order. Don’t let your thoughts jump from one argument to another;
  • Create a catchy and interesting title. It should grab attention of the reader at once and make him want to learn more;
  • Don’t forget to identify the key problem. Explain it in a few sentences and add at the end of the introduction section;
  • Always remember this problem, while working on the body paragraphs. Remember to describe the cause and effect of all the arguments you provide;
  • Don’t forget to write about methodology. Enumerate all the tools and methods you have used in your research. In such a way, the reader will see that you are able to back every phrase or statement with proofs;
  • Create a discussion of all the results and solutions of the matter;
  • At the end of your work make a list of all the positive results and benefits of your research;
  • Always start with specific details, finishing with the general ones. Not wise versa!
  • Add numbers and facts to make your study credible and interesting;
  • Don’t forget about images, graphs and charts to make your study readable and appealing.

An exploratory study is a task, which may take lots of your time and nerves. However, if you know the topic and are able to research it, you are doomed to success!

Follow our simple tips and you will be able to master such a complicated assignment with ease.

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