How to Write a Scientific Research Paper?

how to write a scientific research paper

When you are asked to write a scientific research paper, you should know its common structure to be able to include all the important details. A regular structure of a scientific study includes:

  • Title;
  • Authors;
  • Abstract;
  • Introduction;
  • Materials and methods;
  • Results;
  • Discussion;
  • Acknowledgements;
  • References.

Although ‘title’ is quite an obvious section, not every student knows that it has a great impact on the whole work. You need to make sure that it reflects the idea of your research to engage the audience. You should also name all the individuals, who have contributed to the work.

Then you need to work on your abstract. In a several sentences, you should explain the key elements of the work. It is a so-called summary, which allows the reader to understand what you are going to discuss.

Next section is the introductory one, which discusses the main problem of your research. Once it is ready, you can write about materials and methods you have used. Here you need to explain what credible instruments were used along the way.

Later you should discuss results of your study, providing numbers, charts and statistics. Once your results section is ready, you can proceed with discussion.  Here you explain all the findings with words, not numbers.

Section with acknowledgements is not compulsory and here you can name everyone, who helped you to complete your work. The last section is a list of references, where you need to enumerate every source you have used. Don’t forget about a proper formatting style.

What is Scientific Research Paper

Scientific research paper is a task, which can be assigned at both high school and college. Its main aim is to explain a topic, using concrete numbers, formulas and figures. You need to research the subject, use scientific methods and tools to prove a hypothesis and make corresponding conclusions.

Unlike most of the writing tasks, a scientific paper is all about details and proofs, so you need to use only credible information, backed with scholarly sources.

Who Will Write My Scientific Research Paper?

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Some Scientific Research Paper Tips

If you want to know how to write a scientific research paper, you should definitely take into account the most useful tips. They include:

  • Choose your topic thoroughly. It may be the key to your success, as a weak or too complicated topic will make it impossible to conduct a research and deliver results. Your topic should also be interesting and relevant for the class;
  • Write down the subject and object of your study. They will be the heart of your research and you will need to get back to them along the way;
  • Devote as much time to research, as possible. Unlike an essay or review, you need to analyze the matter, backing your thoughts with credible information. That is why you need to study various journals, encyclopedia, books and publications on your topic. Make sure all the sources are academic;
  • Don’t forget about statistics. If you don’t want to bore your reader, it is necessary to provide facts, numbers, charts and tables;
  • Always write a thesis statement. You can leave it for later and complete once the whole research is done. It should consist of several sentences on the main goal of the study and be placed at the end of the introductory section;
  • Create a plan. The best way to follow a structure is to create a list of key points, which you want to include to your text. However, you need to try to focus on maximum 4-5 arguments not to bore the audience;
  • Always proofread your text. Even though it is not a paper to check your language proficiency, your professor may lower grades because of mistakes. In addition, you should check it on plagiarism and correspondence with main formatting demands.

A research paper, especially on a scientific topic, is quite a challenging task to complete. However, if you spend enough time on learning about its key elements, you will easily complete the task not depending on the urgency.

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