Top Ways to Summarize Article Without Plagiarizing

How to Summarize Article Without Plagiarizing

Writing an academic paper can be both an interesting and challenging assignment. If you adore writing papers, you can learn fast how to write them properly. Still, some parts of a paper can be really difficult. Often you need to summarize certain information from the original article. Dealing with summarizing can be problematic since you need to be well-aware of the best ways to summarize article without plagiarizing.

It is important to submit the original final papers. Thus, you need to learn how to summarize a paper and keep it unique.Summarizing means reviewing someone else’s ideas. In fact, it also covers a discussion of other author’s ideas in your own words.When you perform reviews or various essay papers, it can be obligatory to state other authors’ ideas and statements. You may need to note some quotes, ideas or phrases.You can do it easily once following the next useful tips and guides. These methods allow writers to summarize article without plagiarizing.

Make sure to pay attention to every detail of your original text. Often, it is enough to understand the main thesis statement of the article you deal with to paraphrase it properly. Still, sometimes, you need to be more attentive to your summary. You may also need to cite the text directly. Mostly, it depends on the importance of a certain sentence or phrase for your academic paper. Be ready to both cite and summarize important materials.

Summarizing an Article: Useful Tips and Guides

When you need to summarize an article without plagiarizing, check the following tips and guides. They will allow you preparing original papers. Here you can find the most effective and beneficial tips for writers. It will help you to submit fully unique pieces of writing.

Check the most effective actions to follow on every state of paper’s performance.

Preparation stage:

  • Read the text you plan to summarize a few times to assure that you understand its main content properly.
  • Re-read every sentence of your original material and try to figure out the main message of the original text.
  • Make notes while reading your detailed materials.
  • Define all the phrases you can use in your paper. Make sure not to select too long sentences. With long sentences, the plagiarism checker may find your selected sentences and phrases plagiarized.

Writing Stage:

  • Use your own words to assure a requested uniqueness.
  • When you deal with a paraphrasing of sentences, change the entire structure of a sentence. It is not enough to change only a few words in the selected sentence.
  • When you need the direct quote, always format it properly, with quotation marks, to prevent plagiarism.
  • Do not use too many quotes. You need to select and use only important ones, which play a significant role in your paper performing.

Final stage:

  • Cite every quote properly and according to an assigned formatting style.
  • Provide a proper list of sources.
  • Check the content with an advanced online plagiarism checker to assure its total originality.

How to Summarize an Article by the Book

Often, students deal with paraphrasing and summarizing of other articles. Numerous academic assignments require a proper summary of an analyzed text. Every writer should learn how to summarize an article without plagiarizing. This is very important since you need to submit an original paper to your tutor or college professor. Moreover, the unique writing piece is obligatory. Once dealing with a text summary, make sure to learn some useful tips and guides to prepare a flawless final text.

Every academic paper must be unique. You can write a research work, review, or blog article. Still, every of the mentioned types of papers must be original and flawless. The latest online plagiarism checkers can deal with various texts quickly. You need a few seconds to check a text. Thus, be ready once preparing your article to check your text a few times in order to assure it has no plagiarism. Moreover, it can help you to figure out the exact sentences that need to be paraphrased. You must be ready to write a professional summary. It means you need to be very attentive to every word in the materials that you try to summarize.

Be ready to summarize an article without plagiarizing the original text. Besides, make sure to check the text a few times before paraphrasing it. Experienced writers advise familiarizing the text before working with it. Moreover, be ready to pay enough attention to the introductory part of your article. When writing a hook sentence, you can easily use quotes. Just make sure to format them properly.

How to Summarize a Paper and Keep It Unique

It is important to pay attention to every part of your paper. When writing an introduction, you need to make it convincing. Thus, writers often use hook sentences in the introduction. You can write down an anecdote, interesting fact, or quote to gather your audience’s attention. There is no need to paraphrase an original text if you use a quote. Just cite it properly and put it in the Reference List in the end.  Further, makes sure to summarize an article without plagiarizing. You can even avoid looking at the original text and write the main thesis in your own words.This will assure a plagiarism-free final paper.

You can check the following guidelines to ease your work with the text. Thus, check the guides to summarize an article without plagiarizing:

  1. Read your text to understand the meaning and outline of the main thesis;
  2. Try to analyze the material and define its core points;
  3. Make notes to write down important information and phrases that can be crucial for your paper;
  4. Check the notes and write down the information that looks unimportant;
  5. Prepare an outline of your article to help you complete a paper with a proper structure and format;
  6. Edit the information you have chosen for your paper;
  7. Write down the original text with your own words focusing on the main thesis and core points;
  8. Check once again whether you need this information in your paper or not;
  9. Proofread the written material.

How to Write the Perfect Summary Quickly

When you need to summarize the text, time often matters. Moreover, you should remember to summarize an article without plagiarizing. It makes a task even more complicated. Still, be willing to pay your time and effort in order to perform an excellent and original piece of writing. You need to develop this skill. It will be a very helpful ability since a lot of academic assignments require summaries of other writers’ materials. You need to use your best writing talents to succeed. Sometimes, it can look extremely difficult to summarize an article without plagiarizing. You can use online checkers to define whether your text contains plagiarized parts or not. If does, you need to change it. Always pay your attention to the entire text and its central message. This is the way to deliver the most original final material. Besides,you can use the exciting article as a great source for your personal ideas. Still, when you need a certain phrase to be put in text in the original form, just cite it. Pay attention to the formatting style. You need to cite every quote properly and write it down into the Reference list at the end of your paper.

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