How to Write a Critical Analysis?

how to write a critical analysis

If you are visiting this page, you probably want to know how to write a critical analysis. Well, it is your lucky day, as we want to help and explain all the peculiarities of such a difficult task.

You should always start with learning the structure of such an analysis. After remembering all of its key elements, you will be able to write a critical analysis not depending on its difficulty and deadlines.

Critical paper usually consists of such elements, as:

  • Introduction;
  • Background;
  • Summary;
  • Interpretation;
  • Conclusions.

As any other paper, your analysis should begin with a catchy phrase or a so-called ‘hook’, which aims to catch interest of the reader. You should also provide a thesis statement, both of the author and your own.

Then you need to provide background details. They include overview of the matter and main details, like name of the author, title and the main topic. Be specific and simply enumerate important details to inform the reader about the piece you are going to analyze.

Summary section is all about key features of the analyzed piece. Here you need to give brief information about the plot of the book, movie or picture. Don’t forget about main characters, places of action and any additional details you find important.

Interpretation paragraphs are your chance to provide your own thoughts on the discussed matter. However, you shouldn’t be objective and always stick to the point. You need to discuss how well the work is organized, how its author managed to treat the topic and the reader. Always provide supporting details, like quotes, images or any other elements, taken from the analyzed work.

Finish your paper with a conclusion. It should be a brief summary of your whole work and explain whether the author managed to cover the topic and convey his or her ideas to the audience.

What is Critical Analysis

Any time a student is asked to complete a critical paper, he or she falls into despair. It is not a regular report or review and requires lots of various talents and skills.

It is a task, which aims to show how well you are able to analyze a particular topic, whether it is a book, a movie or a piece of art. The main difference of such a task is that it should enumerate weak and strong sides of the issue, as well as its motives and aims.

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