Narrative Essay: What Is It?

Narrative Essay: What Is It?

The narrative is a story about the events, incidents, actions. The expressive power of the narration lies primarily in the describing events, phenomena, in the representation of the actions occurring time and space.

A narrative essay is one that describes a story. As a mode of descriptive writing, the narrative method, more than any other, offers authors an opportunity to consider and compose about themselves. All of us have own experience which is worthy of sharing with the audience.

If the student has been tasked with a narrative essay, these tips and methods will help him:

  • The paper must include all parts typically added in a story: introduction, setting, climax, and conclusion. The author’s characters should be finely thought out. The topic must have a logical plot.
  • A narrative essay must have a clear goal. The writer should think about the point he wants to reach.
  • Most narrative papers obey one rule: they support the writer’s standpoint. It is not obligatory, but it allows the student to find his status as an author more definitely.
  • It is important to mind the language during the work. The writer should make sure it is logical and obvious throughout the writing. The right words allow to prove the author’s viewpoint, provoke particular emotions in the audience and leave a lasting impact on everyone who looks through the essay.
  • Narrative papers do not forbid the personal pronoun Vice versa, they welcome it. It doesn’t mean that the writer must abuse it.
  • The student must stay true to the goal of the narrative essay. He needs to follow the aim direction until the very end and help the viewer to understand it.

Narrative Essay Method

When the author prepares a narrative essay, he tells a story. The narrative paper is told from a defined viewpoint. This work relies on individual experiences. It is regularly formed as a  story. When the author works with this kind of academic writing, he can use popular methods. Case study is one of the well-known.

It is a special research methodology, often seen in social and life sciences. A case study is about a person, a society of people or a unit. Its aim is to generalize over several systems’.

The case study method has become most prominent in student training programs. It is effective in the formation of such key professional competencies as:

  • Communication skills
  • The ability to analyze a large amount of disordered information in a short time
  • Making decision under stress and insufficient information

Thus, the case study method assumes:

  • A written case study example from practice
  • Independent study and consideration of the case by scholars
  • Joint consideration of the case in the classroom under the leadership of  a professor
  • Adherence to the canon “The discussion itself is more important than the decision”

Despite the priority of the “process” component, the method cannot be used without the subject of discussion itself — the specific situation itself. Like the literary genre, the development of situations, being a creative process, is non-formalized in terms of content, and the result may be unexpected for the author.

Examples of Narrative Essay

There are various narrative essay examples that can be practiced by scholars:

  • Personal narrative essays (love and relationships)

Finally, I understood that my central dilemma was that I believed that I could not defeat all the “love” barriers that life made me face . I remembered all I learned in literature connected with emotions, love and compared it with all I have experienced myself .

  • Food habits and customs

As a native-born African American, I regularly hold to the culture of using traditional southern meals. These combine such essential ingredients as the okra vegetable. African slaves transported the vegetable to New Orleans. The custom is often assigned to imported goods from the African continent.

  • Childhood memories essay

It is clear that all of our childhood recollections are not casual… Being a child every scent, every noise, every movement, every doll, the first day of class, the first kiss… Everything in a complex builds what is the character of a person. All these are parts of one whole object. I was relaxing and considering which of the recollections I have is the happiest and most passionate for me….Is it the time when I stayed home alone for the first?

  • Natural Disaster

Outside a snowstorm was exploding, as it had been for a week – seven days and seven nights. I was well used to winds but this one was especially powerful. The snowfall accumulated higher and higher, steadily rising above my door. Quickly the tremendous truth dawned on me. I was buried alive.

  • My Mother

Now I can tell with confidence that I had never realized others  sustaining from unacceptable loss of a dear  soul.  From my side, it had to be  humanity, empathy. When the same happened to me, at that moment when my  beloved mummy died, I  began to understand persons who lost relatives and those they loved .


The process of writing a narrative essay is the first action to creative writing for every student. When we perform stories about ourselves, we are eventually presenting stories about everyone else in the society; humankind usually has the same dilemmas. There are several points that arise in all great narratives: it engages the audience and it shows value.

When a narrative is important and highlights development, then the professor will pay attention to it. If a narrative relates to the audience, it feels for it and produces a sincerer emotional contact to it. Maybe the essay does not have a flat out moral, but it has a start, a middle, and a conclusion that has a powerful effect.

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