50 Best Motivational Speech Topics For A Perfect Speech


Why do you need to make a motivational speech? Well, a motivational speech is a message that has to inspire the audience and make people take proper actions. Making a motivational speech might be complicated, especially if you have not achieved a lot in a particular field. However, there are key points that help students make perfect speeches.

In this article, we will share the best tips and recommendations on how to make a bright memorable speech. Also, we prepared the 50 best motivational speech topics that will come in handy for every student. As a bonus, we want to help you understand the structure of this assignment and can make a text easier to follow. Make sure to prepare a pad and pen to write down the main points. 

What Is A Structure Of A Motivational Speech? How To Create A Coherent Speech

The main thing you need to do is to attract people’s attention. Although a motivational speech is usually quite short, it should not be vague. The beginning of your motivational speech is what can make people turn their sights on you. And once they do it, you should do your best to keep their eyes. As you can guess, it is important to pick up a bright and impressive beginning.

To come up with a bright start, pick up a controversial fact or recent news about the topic. You need to surprise listeners with some unique information. Your introduction has to contain a thesis statement to express your main message. Keep in mind that the first paragraph has to be brief just to draw the attention of people.

Let’s talk about the main part of a motivational speech. You need to present a problem or issue and explain how to solve that. Usually, it is better to pick up a few arguments to support your point of view. If you are talking about steps to achieve something, explain each step, and provide some examples from credible sources. Your audience has to see that you are not just talking about your own experience but you have also done relevant research. It will help you look better in the eyes of participants.

When making a conclusion, do your best to persuade a listener, encourage them to take action, and change their lives. Use a call to action to make your last part sound strong and convincing. If it is relevant, ask your audience about its opinion, let participants give you feedback. After you are done with the speech, you should thank people for their attention. It will be very good if they thank you in return with applause.

Here is a short guide on how to structure your motivational speech:

  1. Start with an introduction. Use a hook and come up with a thesis statement. Do your best to draw people’s attention.
  2. Develop a strong main part. Pick up a few arguments to support your words. Use only credible sources to strengthen the speech.
  3. Create a conclusion. Make it short but powerful. Use a call to action to inspire people. Thank your audience for listening to you.

Step-By-Step Guide On Preparing A Good Motivational Speech

A lot of students are wondering what sequence to choose in order to make a great speech. Well, there is a so-called Monroe’s motivational sequence. It is used to persuade an audience so that this method can be applied to a lot of motivational speech topics. However, keep in mind that your speech should have a persuasive component. This way, Monroe’s motivated sequence will be the most useful.

Here are 5 steps of this sequence:

  1. Draw people’s attention. Present a short story, interesting quote, controversial data, or an anecdote. No matter what you choose, you should be excited when speaking. This part has to take from 1 to 5 minute depending on how much time you have for a performance.
  2. Focus on the need. This part is used to illustrate the problem people have. It is not going to go away if a person does not deal with that. Explain that this issue prevents people from achieving their goals and living to the fullest. Make people understand their needs and they will be listening carefully to every word of yours.
  3. Solve the problem. Explain your solution to an issue and pick a few arguments to strengthen your speech. Share your findings from credible sources to support your point of view. If you are having a discussion with other participants, prepare to rebut their arguments. It is also an important component of this step.
  4. Show the benefits for the future. You need to explain what advantages people get by using your solution to a problem. For example, they will have an opportunity to achieve success at work or they will find a work-life balance with no loss. However, be careful not to hyperbolize nor exaggerate. It can make you sound like a liar.
  5. Use a call to action. Make people believe that their actions are key to reaching a goal. Provide a few examples of people who have already succeeded in this field. Share a step-by-step guide on how to get to the point. Also, provide information on whether you are going to make other speeches to evaluate the progress of an audience.

Keep in mind that you can make an outline to structure your speech. It will help you include all the necessary elements in the right order.

50 Best Motivational Speech Topics For A Student

Now, we want to give you examples of good motivational speech topics. Using them, you can make a thorough outline and give a perfect speech. All the topics are divided into subjects so that you can pick up the best one for you.

Motivational Topics On Business and Management

  1. The easiest ways to start your business in 2021.
  2. Delegating responsibilities as a key skill in doing business.
  3. Hard vs Soft skills: what is more important in managing a business.
  4. Using clients’ feedback as a benchmark to improve business processes.
  5. How to make your business recognizable by building a strong company image.
  6. What do you need to make your startup succeed?
  7. How to compete with larger businesses.
  8. Ways to start your own business while studying.

Motivational Topics On Environment

  1. How to help solve environmental problems by joining proper teams.
  2. The benefits of applying low temperatures during surgery.
  3. Avoid breath-related issues by living close to nature.
  4. Gratitude and respect towards medical workers as a way to support this field.
  5. Garbage sorting as the easiest way to help natural preservation.

Motivational Topics On Education

  1. The advantages of combining work and studying.
  2. Does the school curriculum limit students from opening up their talents?
  3. Studying without home assignments – can this lead us to success?
  4. Free college education for everybody – is it possible?
  5. Why is banning the use of the Internet during lessons silly?

Motivational Topics On How To Achieve Success

  1. Self-belief as a key component of achieving success.
  2. Prioritization: how to focus on the most important things.
  3. Success as a journey: Enjoy your path.
  4. How to set the right goals to achieve success.
  5. Success vs Win: What’s the difference and what should we aim for?
  6. Losing as another type of success.

Motivational Topics On Building A Career

  1. Understanding your nature as a key factor in building a career.
  2. Being yourself or playing a role: What to choose?
  3. How to choose the right job for yourself.
  4. Best ways to find a work-life balance.
  5. How to stay productive all day long.

Motivational Topics On Dealing With Pain

  1. Working with a psychologist to understand your pain.
  2. Having a dog as a cure to your inner pain.
  3. Best ways to distract yourself from pain.
  4. Volunteering as a way to find people with the same problem.
  5. Do we need to accept pain or try to fight it?

Motivational Topics On Grief

  1. Moving closer to nature to get over grief.
  2. Should grief be a normal part of our life?
  3. What place does grief take in depression?
  4. Why are we afraid to let in grief?
  5. Do you need to fight against grief?

Motivational Topics On Healthy Lifestyle

  1. Does everybody need to lead a healthy lifestyle?
  2. Need to be more productive? Correct your lifestyle habits.
  3. Why are healthy people more successful at work?
  4. How to start leading a healthier lifestyle without losing anything?
  5. Healthy lifestyle vs Satisfaction: How to combine it?

Motivational Topics On Self-Development

  1. Understanding your goals will help you develop your skills.
  2. Self-development in 2021: Is it still that important?
  3. Self-development in a woman’s life.
  4. Why is self-development so complicated sometimes?
  5. Why can’t you find a way to develop your talents?
  6. Self-development as a key part of our lives.

Motivational Speech Topics That Will Help You Succeed

So, these were the 50 best motivational speech topics for every student. Make sure to look through them and pick up the relevant one. Create an outline and do not forget to rehearse your speech.

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