100 Informative Speech Topics

100 Informative Speech Topics

An invention is your first step in the way of confidence and success. That’s why such assignments are pretty popular in schools, colleges, universities. One day you’ll receive a task to prepare an informative speech. So let us give you some useful tips on how to become ready.

The essential thing you should start with: is to find an informative speech topic. It is essential to define your direction, to grab the attention of your readers and to make your speech really interesting. But sometimes it’s not easy to get inspired by something. How can you find a good idea?

  • Study your listener, reader or audience. Your presentation – whether through an essay or an informative speech should be oriented on your audience. You write to them and your task is to make them satisfied. Come up with something they’re expecting for you. For example, “organisms scariest scientific” if you’re going to tell about science or something like “the most secret puzzles of the millennium”. Consider the portrait of your reader, his or her age, level of education, knowledge level. It will help you to find some informative speech ideas because now you know for whom are you writing.
  • Consider your personal interests: It’s impossible to prepare a good paper or speech if you don’t have an interest in it. Do you have an area of expertise? What are your own passions? When you tell about something you love, people will love that too. That’s why it is important to write down a list of informative speech topics you like. After that, you’ll definitely find something that will keep your audience curious and engaged. 
  • Make sure your speech meets the requirements. Of course, you will not have a lot of time to present your ideas. That’s why you should be brief and consistent. Ideally, you need to know in advance how much time is allocated for the presentation of the speech. Then you will write a paper considering that thing. Different activities have different requirements, so make sure you know and meet them. Besides, too long speech may be boring and you definitely don’t want to make your listeners fall asleep.

If you have no idea about a good topic, don’t be afraid to ask people around you. Of course, that doesn’t mean they are going to tell you everything they think about, but you will obtain a new experience. Try to materialize and understand the thoughts of your audience and consider what can be useful for them. Are you preparing a speech for an older or a modern generation? Consider they have different levels of knowledge, pretty different experience. If you going to make both the audiences interested, try to compare some subjects. For example, TV and the Internet, printed books and digital media, live with smartphones and without ones. Sometimes these differences can unite. 

So, now you have some intriguing ideas for your informative speech. What can you do next?

  • Make a list. You can leverage such exercise as brainstorming. Just turn on the timer and write down all the ideas you have. If needed, you can divide them into different themes, e.g. Science, Education, Art, Communication, etc. Consider that from 50-100 topic you will choose only one, so don’t get upset if you’ve written only 20 and no one from them seems the perfect one.
  • Make a shortlist. Now review all topics written out critically. You need to choose only several of them that are looking really nice and can be a perfect choice for your speech. 
  • Do research. Your next task is researching. Of course, while preparing you’ll use different sources, references to inspire by and to receive more information. At this stage you’ll understand that some topics are too wide, other ones are too narrow. To make your speech informative, you need to find enough information. But consider that brevity is the soul of wit. Make your arguments consistent, logic convincing, and speech exciting.

We’ve prepared 100 informative speech themes for you. Take a look!

Informative Speech Topics by Category 

Science and technology

  1. Recent advances in astronomy
  2. How does Elon Musk change the world?
  3. The origin of dolphins
  4. Can alternative energy sources be dispensed with?
  5. The history of our galaxy
  6. What will happen when humanity dies out?
  7. Are dolphins smarter than humans?
  8. How to raise a new Albert Einstein?
  9. Why does the world need geniuses?
  10. How does the human brain work?


  1. Why do we repeat after our parents?
  2. How to improve your self-esteem?
  3. Is it possible to find a common language with everyone?
  4. Benefits of procrastination
  5. Career or family?
  6. Ways of developing soft skills
  7. Mentor or business coach: what’s the difference?
  8. Why empathy is needed
  9. How to get rid of bad habits?
  10. How positive thinking changes the world


  1. Why do we behave differently with different people?
  2. The role of gossip in our lives
  3. What do loners have to do?
  4. Is there a glass ceiling for women?
  5. What is feminism criticized for?
  6. Should people come together in communities?
  7. Is society developing or degrading?
  8. How to become part of a new society
  9. Several ways to change your life radically
  10. Why do we depend on the opinion of other people?


  1. Basketball history
  2. The benefits of doing sports for children
  3. Which is better: a stadium or a TV?
  4. 5 ways to fall in love with sports
  5. What is wrong with contact fights?
  6. Swimming or boxing?
  7. The benefits of long walks
  8. Are athletes healthier than ordinary people?
  9. Does running help reduce weight?
  10. What to choose: treadmill or park?


  1. 30 countries to visit before the age of 30
  2. Why are people afraid to fly?
  3. How do airplanes work?
  4. Where to go in your gap year?
  5. 5 Travel destinations that are overrated
  6. Is it possible to travel without knowing the languages?
  7. Countries that are dangerous for tourists
  8. How to live a life without traveling
  9. An ideal country for living
  10. What is the most convenient way to travel – alone or in a company?


  1. The value of marriage in the modern world
  2. How long can one live with parents?
  3. Why is renting better than buying?
  4. How to find time for a family in the 21st century
  5. Family values of modern people
  6. Does home life affect marriage?
  7. Why do people get divorced?
  8. Benefits of early marriage
  9. Why is a family considered to be a core value?
  10. Is a family possible without children?

Work and business

  1. The difference between remote work and freelance
  2. Cons of a 12-hour workday
  3. Should teens work?
  4. Where to find the money for the first business
  5. Is it better to be an employee or an entrepreneur?
  6. How to find the best among the flow of business ideas?
  7. Features of doing business in different countries
  8. Some startup ideas
  9. Why does marketing matter?
  10. The main mistakes of entrepreneurs


  1. How did religion evolve?
  2. Why do people need to believe in something?
  3. What do all religions have in common
  4. Important religious holidays
  5. What does religious fasting teach?
  6. The influence of religion on art
  7. How compatible are science and religion?
  8. Why is the most beautiful architecture religious?
  9. When is the end of the world?
  10. A few important commandments for all of humanity


  1. How does history help build the future?
  2. How did art develop in ancient times?
  3. Could dinosaurs live now?
  4. Why study history at school?
  5. If you could change the past, what would you change?
  6. Will the future be better than now?
  7. Why did technology develop slowly before?
  8. The most dangerous wars in the history of mankind
  9. Globalization: pros and cons
  10. How to change the mistakes of the past

School and education

  1. The main challenges of the education system in our country
  2. What kind of person should a teacher be?
  3. Education defines life
  4. The perfect school curriculum
  5. Pros and cons of homeschooling
  6. How to survive without higher education
  7. What skills are most important today?
  8. Modern learning approaches
  9. The advantages of private universities over state ones
  10. Do humanities need math?

These themes and topics can inspire you for a perfect informative speech. But if you still don’t feel confident, you can rely on us and we’ll prepare a paper for you. Leverage all opportunities available to make your speech outstanding! 

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