101 Argumentative Essay Topics

101 Argumentative Essay Topics

Colleges and universities always come up with different assignments, and an argumentative essay is one of them. It may be a part of your homework or in-class task. Why do they exist? Firstly, they help to check your English and critical thinking skills. The next moment is to see how well do you argue on different topics and demonstrate knowledge of the particular themes. You may receive a list of argumentative essay topics from your teacher, but more often the topic choice is yours. On one side, it is pretty difficult to choose the appropriate one, but from another, with a good topic, you will write a perfect essay.

So how can you choose an argumentative essay topic? Let us provide you with some useful tips.

Search for ideas

  • Choose a topic that is considered to be a splashy story. Watch TV, read magazines and social media, think, what is everyone discussing at the moment.
  • Try to find a question that is without an answer for a long time. You don’t suppose to find that answer, but it will be a nice base to start a discussion.
  • Think about your mindset. Are there any points you don’t agree with? With your essay, you will convince the opposite side or change your opinion.
  • Consider “eternal issues”.
  • Pick a topic you are interested in.

You can search for argumentative essay ideas everywhere around you. People always have particular issues, discuss something, complaining about something. 

Consider your target audience

What is your final goal? Do you want to hit the teacher or write a really awesome essay? Sometimes these two moments can be different. Of course, it is nice that you can show your English, your grammar skills, etc., but all of them are useless if you can’t touch the audience. So define who would be your target reader. Do you want to provide them with useful information? Or maybe convince of something? Show the issue from a different angle? It is possible once you’ve chosen a nice topic. Make sure your idea is clear, and write about common things. People like recognizing themselves in texts. Don’t forget about your own opinion, even if it differs from the generally standard.

Follow CDRM

These 4 letters will make your argumentative paper perfect. They explain four essential features of good argumentative Essay themes:

  • C is for Current
  • D for Debatable
  • R for Researchable
  • M for Manageable.

Remember, that your essay is limited in length. That’s why you have no need to cover as many issues as possible. Try to choose one or two and focus on them. Do research if needed to find more information. Narrow your issue down by getting read of useless data, descriptions, examples. No point in bringing up arcane stuff. It is better to write briefly, but readable and clear.

Try brainstorming

Once you’ve chosen several topics (at least 10), do your research and found as many pros and cons as you can. Keep in mind that your task is to write an argumentative essay, that’s why you should consider the theme from different sides. And how would you do that if you know “arguments for” only?

Such a type of essay is useful for critical mindset development, as while writing you’re learning to analyze things from all aspects. So set a timeline, and write down all ideas and all arguments you have. It will help you to choose the appropriate topic. 

101 Argumentative Essay Topics

We’ve prepared a lot of argumentative essay topics on different themes. Use them for inspiration while writing your paper. 

Technology and Social media

1.   Why are we so dependent on modern technologies?

2.   Is life without gadgets possible?

3.   How much time do we spend on social networks?

4.   Do social networks make us feel bad?

5.   Should every child have their own smartphone?

6.   Are we too frank in social networks?

7.   Why did texting replace calls?

8.   How to maintain security in an age of globalization

9.   What will happen after Apple?

10. When will robots replace humans?

TV and Entertainment

1.   How many hours per day can one spend watching TV?

2.   Intelligent TV broadcasts vs entertainment ones

3.   What is harmful about the series?

4.   How to select the best program for a viewing?

5.   The role of Netflix in our lives

6.   Pros and cons of real-life movies

7.   How TV shows bring up children

8.   How the entertainment industry makes so much money

9.   Why do we like reality shows

10. How are entertainment trends changing?


1.   How to interest in society with politics?

2.   Should election voting be mandatory?

3.   Pros and cons of the young president

4.   Comparison of electoral system and employment

5.   What to do with bribery?

6.   Should the state intervene in private lives?

7.   Right and left, liberals and authoritarian

8.   Why is a monarchy the best form of government?

9.   Why do not we trust politicians?

10. Does a country need a strong ruler?


1.   Why are boxing, fights and other brutal sports so popular?

2.   How does sport help balance emotions?

3.   Reasons for the popularity of sports shows

4.   Why cheerleading is needed

5.   Choosing a sport for a child

6.   How sports help keep you healthy

7.   How is professional sport harmful?

8.   Is it possible to live without sports?

9.   Do long walks replace the gym?

10. How to develop endurance quickly?


1.   Do we give children enough freedom?

2.   How to reduce the number of early pregnancies?

3.   What can we learn from the younger generation?

4.   How do couples get to know each other these days?

5.   Best parenting strategies

6.   Should we pamper the kids?

7.   How to help a child grow up a good person?

8.   Pros and cons of parenting by example

9.   Why is it so difficult for modern children?

10. What should be the perfect nanny?

11. How much time do you need to devote to children?

Morality questions

1.   Is it possible to buy happiness for money?

2.   How do we revise values throughout life?

3.   Is it better to be a good speaker or listener?

4.   The benefits of living without complaint

5.   Why do people find salvation in religion?

6.   Is it true that a clean house means pure thoughts?

7.   Why do we need a therapist?

8.   Is it true that everyone has their skeletons in the closet?

9.   How does anxiety poison life?

10. How to combine good and bad in yourself?


1.   Can students choose teachers for themselves?

2.   Why is the modern education system bad?

3.   Why people with higher education can’t find a job?

4.   How does formal education harm creativity?

5.   Is it possible to quit university and become successful?

6.   Why should humanities learn physics?

7.   How does school knowledge help in life?

8.   Can a quality education be free?

9.   Why is university prestige important?

10. How to choose a university?

Art and culture

1.   Common stereotypes about creative people

2.   Why is cultural education important?

3.   Artworks that influenced our generation

4.   How are contemporary artists inspired?

5.   What one needs to know to understand art?

6.   How to distinguish artists?

7.   Benefits of investing in culture

8.   Why are visiting museums useless?

9.   Why did many artists gain popularity only after death?

10. Does art reflect the realities of life?


1.   Should medicine be free?

2.   Why not legalize euthanasia?

3.   How to improve the health care system?

4.   Why are doctor series so popular?

5.   Everyone must take first aid courses

6.   What is the doctor’s main responsibility?

7.   What will help society become healthier?

8.   Prevention is the best medicine

9.   How to punish medical errors?

10. Which country has the best medicine?


1.   Why do people buy lottery tickets?

2.   Why is feminism perceived ambiguously today?

3.   What does the lack of education lead to?

4.   Is the tax system fair?

5.   Why did people support dictators?

6.   Which century is the most comfortable for life?

7.   Are there everlasting values in society?

8.   Should working parents get more privileges?

9.   How to integrate into a new society?

10. How not to depend on the opinions of others?

These themes are interesting and intriguing. Some of them are wide, so you can narrow them, consider the different aspects of the issue. This list will help you do decide. But if you fell not enough confident about your argumentative essay, you can shift this task to us. Rely on our professional writers, and we will provide you with a great paper to satisfy your teacher and readers! 

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