Top Secrets of How to Write Argumentative Essay Outline

How to Write Argumentative Essay Outline

Writing an argumentative essay can be quite complicated for a student. In fact, argumentative essay is a type of analytical paper. Thus, it requires a profound research work. It also has a need for strong argumentation and a set of supporting credible evidence. You need to be ready to conduct numerous analyses. Many writers fail once dealing with a proper structure and format of an argumentative essay. Once performing an essay with the wrong structure, you will not be able to prove your point of view properly. Numerous writers prefer using an outline to solve the problem.

In fact, an outline can be used as a very detailed and quite effective writing plan. When you know how to write argumentative essay outline, you can assure your essay’s proper structure and format. The entire essay must be always organized properly. That means, it requires all the important elements to be written accurately. There is no way to submit an essay without providing a strong argumentation and relevant supporting evidence. Be ready to check the logical structure of your text.

You should always deal firstly with a thesis statement, main arguments, and detailed support. You need to convince the reader with your paper. In your essay, you select a certain side of the problem. Further, you support it with your strong arguments and relevant evidence. An outline helps you reveal your arguments and evidence in proper order. It also assures a logical discovery of the issue.

Argumentative Essay Outline: Structure and Elements

When you need to find out how to write argumentative essay outline, check first a structure and basic elements of an argumentative essay itself. The outline always consists of its top parts.

The following elements are the top parts of an argumentative essay:

  • The Introduction;
  • 5 Body Paragraphs;
  • Overview of Opponent’s Arguments;
  • The conclusions.

This is a standard structure of an argumentative essay. The outline reveals and organizes its main elements. Mostly, writers prefer a 5-paragraph argumentative essay structure since it allows them to discover their subject profoundly.

The outline assures that every element gets its proper fulfillment.

  • Introduction – contains the opening sentence (hook sentence), background information, and a thesis statement;
  • Body paragraphs – contain the main arguments and their relevant supporting evidence;
  • Conclusion – contains the final message of your paper with the summarized main points.

An outline allows organizing all the revealed arguments. A properly written argumentative essay always contains 3 and more main arguments. Make sure to place very arguments in a new paragraph. You can support your point of view with various data, statistics, results of analyses, findings, calculations, etc. You should write down this information as evidence. The body part contains the main argumentation and its verification. The conclusions only review the key points and state the final word of your research work.

A good argumentative essay is always written with an outline. Even the most inexperienced writers feel much better once basing their writing process on an outline. Besides, an outline allows coming up with the strongest ideas since you can re-check every argument a few times and select only the most important ones.

How to Write an Excellent Argumentative Essay Outline

When you need to check how to write argumentative essay outline, be very attentive to the following tips and guides. They can help you with an outline greatly. The following useful tips and guides will ease your writing process for sure.

  • Always come up with a strong thesis – it may take a lot of time to prepare a strong thesis statement, still you need to select it carefully. A thesis statement is the central issue of your entire essay. It must be important and concise.
  • Start your argumentation with the explanation of why you prefer a certain side of the conflict and explanation of what your further arguments are to be.
  • State your arguments and provide solid evidence. Always come up with the latest and relevant evidence. When you tend to support your arguments, add at least three facts. These facts must be from your research work’s results.
  • Always pay attention to the transition sentences. Your entire essay must have a logical structure.
  • Explain why the arguments of your opponents are completely wrong and lack proper evidence and supporting facts.
  • State your final word in the conclusions. Also, restate your thesis statement. Show the importance of your research work for other researchers and for the entire society in general.

An outline helps you to focus on the main thesis statement throughout an entire argumentative essay. It also assures the logical flow of ideas. Finally, an outline organizes the elements of your argumentative essay in the way they always should be organized.

Performing the Main Elements of an Argumentative Essay

If you want to submit an excellent argumentative essay, you need to perform every essay’s element properly. Thus, you must be well-aware of how to write argumentative essay outline. An outline matters when you want to succeed. Besides, it gives you some suggestions on how to perform an essay without a glitch. When preparing an argumentative piece, always pay your attention to the following elements and their content.

The Introduction

The introductory part of every argumentative essay requires a hook sentence. It can be an anecdote, funny fact, or controversial idea. Moreover, a thesis statement must be revealed in the introduction. Think first about your audience. It will help you to prepare a proper introduction aimed at certain readers. Your introduction should also include background information. This info shows what your argumentative essay is about to discover in the body paragraphs. Moreover, it briefly explains the topic. The thesis statement must be put into the very end of the introduction. Remember, that a thesis statement is an essential element of an argumentative essay. In fact, it is a central issue of your entire paper. Pay enough time and effort to come up with a proper thesis statement.

The Body Paragraphs

The main arguments and evidence are written in the main body paragraphs. From three to five paragraphs is enough for an argumentative essay. Most writers still prefer a 5-paragraph essay’s structure. In this main body part, you need to reveal your claims and support them with the facts. There is no way you can provide only outside data and statistics. It must be the facts from your research work. In your argumentation, you need first to explain the side you have chosen and the reasons for doing so. Further, you should reveal your main arguments.

Put every new argument in a new paragraph. Every claim must be proved with solid evidence. Your evidence should be based on sound facts. Thus, be ready to conduct numerous research works and analyses to come up with credible findings. The final paragraph of your body part must contain an overview of your opponent’s arguments. Thus, you need to prove they are wrong. Also, show that your opponent’s arguments lack proper evidence and credible facts.

The Conclusion

In the conclusion, restate your thesis statement once more. Write down the main points of your paper. Moreover, you need to demonstrate how exactly your research work remains important for other researchers and the entire society in general. Make your final message really informative and appealing.

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