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Gun control essay is a broad topic which you can illuminate in short paperwork or choose it for in-depth academic research. Plenty of information on this matter may make you feel lost. This article helps to organize your thoughts, explains all possible types of this assignment, gives the key factors and useful suggestions on how to write a gun control essay correctly regardless of your essay size.

Gun Control Essay: Meaning And Purpose

The hotspots over the globe, political instability, numerous armed violation cases bring up the gun control topic to the top of the debates. It is controversial and uneasy due to the strict positions that many of us have: pro-gun control or against gun control. 

Pro-gun supporters claim that access to fire-pieces is easy, which provokes shooting in public and other crimes. They demand to change the constitution and cancel the permissions for the weapon in private use. Anti-gun control campaigners blame the government and its weakness in defending its citizens. They say that guns are necessary for them to protect themselves from being hurt, injured, or killed faultless. 

Writing a gun control essay supposes expressing the author’s point of view submitted by strong arguments, including the analysis of the opposite opinion. Hence, a writer should be convincing enough to operate the facts, retain the audience, and engage it in the dispute. 

Due to increased incidents in studying establishments, the professors carry out the civil mission to tell students about the misuse of the weapon through lectures and discussions. One of the most spread methods is giving a task to write paperwork on gun control. Thanks to that, a student can observe the existing sources upon this question, determine personal civil position, and face the possible problems for each citizen.

The Core Points Of Gun Control Essay

The fundamental factor of your successful essay is choosing a letter-perfect topic. A strong position is vital. So, before gathering the facts, make sure that you have determined your point of view. In case you do not have an opinion, the current legislation and authoritative sources can help you to decide. Investigate pro and against gun laws. If you collect from three to five arguments that you support, move on in this direction. 

Gun control theme is sensitive and widely discussable. Collecting the facts and statistical data keep in mind the target audience of your essay. For school paperwork, provide the educational figures and school reports without overburdening the paperwork.

The gun control-related disciplines are law, psychology, sociology, political science, healthcare. Regardless of the subject, it has a classical structure:

  1. Introduction: a description with a thesis statement;
  2. Body text: evidence, statistics, other supporting facts;
  3. Summarizing: the conclusion of the significative thoughts;
  4. Reference list with the used material, publications, etc.

Exploring the material, pay attention to the credibility of the sources, and use credible editions only for your work. Checking the material several times before using it. 

An essay should be free of emotions and include an author’s dispassionate opinion. For a comprehensive analysis, it is necessary to add a paragraph with the opposite point of view with credible evidence.  

Working with gun control paper essay requires writing, editing, and proofreading. Measure the time to match your deadline.

Gun Control Essay Genres 

Depending on the purpose, there are different genres of gun control essay:

  • argumentative: focuses on giving clear points and convincing an audience basing on the analysis;
  • descriptive: concentrates on the environment associated with the weapons widespread or with their absence;
  • cause and effect: an analytic type of work that describes an issue, its causes, and consequences;
  • compare and contrast: includes similarities and differences of two opposite gun control campaigners or simple civilians who adopt these approaches;
  • definition: supposes a private explanation of a term or an event;
  • expository: explanation, illustration, clarification, or explication of the facts for in-depth academic research;
  • persuasive: a bookish and emotional narrative that convinces an audience at a certain point of view;
  • process: offers solutions relatively a concrete problem (for instance, ending of gun violence through gun control measurements);
  • reflective: bases on a writer’s personal life experience;
  • critical: discusses the advantages and disadvantages of gun policy regulations;
  • annotated bibliography: a summarizing list of sources according to their value and relevance.

Hence, numerous approaches to the problem make a great deal. This step is not less meaningful than choosing a topic because a student can select between a little paperwork for high school and an academic assignment such as a dissertation. However, the most popular genres among students remain persuasive and argumentative ones.

Argumentative Gun Control Essay

A successful argumentative essay highlights the collision and consists of two ways of thinking minimum. For a gun control theme, it should not be too difficult. The power of this essay is a strong thesis that belongs either to the pro or against-gun position. 

Sometimes students do not have a choice and should write an essay on the professor’s demand, even if a student’s point of view is oppositional. Then empower yourself with «the weapon of knowledge» to advocate the required statement. It is a useful task that gives familiarity to both sides of the conflict. The academic research should expose all sides of the problem, broadening beyond the statement.

A simple yet significant detail is that an essay must contain the definition of gun control, which is the most appropriate for your paperwork. Then add some common facts and gun control statistics inside of your country or all over the globe. The body text should include the facts that relate closely to your statement. You can use the figures during the years, private cases of murders, accidents at studying establishments. An argumentative gun control essay must have a hefty conclusion that summarizes the provided facts and supports the statement settled at the beginning. 

Writing an impressive argumentative essay requires effort and in-depth research, but the result will be worthy of your expectations.

Persuasive Gun Control Essay

At first sight, a persuasive gun control essay is not that different from an argumentative one, yet there is still the core difference between them. The last one bases on the consequent and logical analysis, while the purpose of a persuasive essay is to convince an audience of an author’s rightness. 

The generally accepted persuasive methods are: 

  • ethos: rests on the moral principles and leadership of a writer;
  • logos: uses a logical way of thinking as the primary tool of convincing;
  • pathos: a writer manages the readers’ emotions. 

While in an argumentative essay, logos is of primary importance, persuasive paperwork broadens the methods of exposing the facts or combines them all. 

The theme of gun control is overflowing with a moral sense and influential opinions. Due to this feature, it is easier to write a persuasive essay than an argumentative one on the gun-control theme specifically. You can widely use the emotional factors of influence while it is inappropriate for argumentative paperwork. 

The writing process of a persuasive essay is similar to an argumentative one: it includes a global study of the problem, choosing your private position, and correct operating by the facts of both viewpoints. During the telling, you should focus on the explanation of why the opposite side is wrong in its claims.

Gun Control Essay Topics

If you have a choice to select the topic on your own, you can pick up the ideas depending on your point of view. The list of themes for pro-gun control adherents is below: 

  • increasing safety due to the list of arms owners;
  • gun control as a method of identification of potential criminals;
  • weapon restriction as a way of decreasing the violence transmitted via social media;
  • total gun control across the USA;
  • comparative characteristic of the states with different laws for private weapon permission;
  • economic and social advantages of weapon limitation;
  • illegal weapons control due to the strict arms measurements;
  • the weak weapon control laws: the reasons;
  • benefits of unarmed civilians;
  • safe neighborhood as a result of strict gun control laws. 

The list of themes for anti-gun control adherers:

  • conservative measurements as a way of crimes reducing;
  • the pitfalls of pro-gun control laws;
  • the experience of the countries with new gun control regulations;
  • private weapon reduction across the United States;
  • self-protection and safety of civilians;
  • gun control is not a panacea for crimes reduction;
  • the connection of pro-gun campaigns and violence media;
  • permissions for hunting and sport weapon;
  • gun control laws and economic regression;
  • strict gun control laws and the increase of illegal weapon;
  • the rights of the gun control government.

Feel free to use any of these ideas. We hope they will inspire you for an excellent gun control essay.

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