Definition of Causal Essay

Casual essay writing

A causal essay is an essential part of academic assignments because it helps to answer the basic ‘why’ question concerning all aspects of our lives. With the help of such an essay, we can clarify the things, which surround us.

Causal assignments assist in understanding difficult concepts, events and how everything works in our everyday lives. Interest in such essays is understandable, and even toddlers continuously ask their parents hundreds of ‘why’ questions.

Such essay examines the causes and consequences of events or actions: why something happened or what effect it had.

A thoughtful approach to the subject, enough credible information and a proper essay structure will make your essay interesting and easy to read. Remember, when you are given a causal analysis, it means that your tutor wants to see how good you can evaluate a particular issue. For example, you can give the causes of poverty or the consequences of global warming. Such assignments are highly important because they help students learn plenty of new information and be able to analyze it transparently.

Causal Essay Format

If you want to learn how to write causal assignments, you will need to get familiar with its structure. Without a clear and consistent manner of narration, you won’t be able to render your message. Here are the elements your essay should consist of:

  • Thesis statement, which includes one or two paragraphs and summarizes the whole point of your essay;
  • In this paragraph, you will need to set up the situation. For example, if you are writing about anger, you can start with the nature of emotions. At the end of this paragraph provide a brief outline of the whole work;
  • Showing the cause and effect. This one is the main section of your essay, where you provide arguments and back them with reliable data. Start every paragraph with a new argument and then proceed with found details, examples and statistics;
  • In this section you need to summarize your essay: paraphrase your thesis statement, once again enumerate the main reasons why a particular event happened. Remember, you shouldn’t introduce new facts in your conclusion.

Now it is the right time to provide you with a few tips that will greatly simplify the writing process. They include:

  • Your topic must be interesting not only for the reader but also for yourself;
  • Including statistics and reliable data;
  • Focus on the main points;
  • Examine the topic from different angles;
  • Provide bright and vivid examples;
  • Your language must be clear and understandable.

Once your essay is ready, devote enough time to proofreading and editing it. Even a flawless essay will get a low grade if it is filled with typos and poor language.

Best Topics to Choose

If you are lost in thoughts and don’t know what to write about, get familiar with our list of causal essay topics and choose the one you like:

  • Why do first kids in a family tend to achieve bigger success in the future?
  • Why is insomnia so wide-spread across the world?
  • Why do we feel angry?
  • Why do people blush?
  • Why do teenagers disobey?
  • Why do youngsters sleep so much time?
  • Why do people kill themselves?
  • Why is ‘sexting’ so popular?
  • What are the reasons for high rates of incurable diseases among teenagers?

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