Biographical Essay – Where to Start?

Biographical Essay – Where to Start?

Biography essay is an assignment, which consists of someone’s life story. It is an excellent chance for a student to conduct research, learning previously unknown facts about a famous person (i.e., a writer, artist, inventor or any other). The whole point of such an assignment is to tell the audience who the chosen person was and how he or she contributed to the world.

If you are willing to create an outstanding paper, it is first necessary to learn how to write a biography, because it has its peculiarities. First, develop a thesis statement and then create supporting paragraphs for every claim. Sounds simple, right?

Unfortunately, this task has lots of underwater stones and if you really want to succeed you should continue reading. We will give you the most recent guidelines on a biographical paper!

We Have a Plan

The process of creating an essay is always time-consuming and consists of multiple steps. Below we will tell you about all of the stages, which separate you from an essay of your dreams.

Choosing a subject

If your tutor didn’t give any specific recommendations, you would need to choose the subject on your own. It should be a famous person because you will have to conduct research and the more books or articles you find, the better your essay will be.

It will be great if the chosen person will be interesting for you because you will be excited about the research and will stay motivated along the way.

Conducting research

With every read page or article, you will get a clearer picture of the discussed subject, the achievements, and personal treats. Various authors will have different opinions on your subject, so it is better to process as many sources as you can.

Conducting research, make notes of engaging facts, events, dates and names. You should also write down strong arguments, especially if they oppose your own thoughts. This will help you to stand your ground if a discussion arises.

Writing an outline

Although biographical essay structure is quite similar to other assignments, it is better to start with creating an outline.

Your essay should consist of five paragraphs: introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion (if your teacher does not indicate else). An outline will help you to store and process information easier.


The first paragraph of your essay is a great chance to grab readers’ attention and make them excited about learning more about the subject. Try to use a hook sentence, which will help you to excite the audience. Your hook may include:

  • Quotes by the subject or about him;
  • An anecdote or a joke;
  • Incredible facts about a person.

Thesis statement

The last sentence of your introduction should consist of a thesis statement. It is the heart of your work, so pay maximum attention to it. Writing a biography thesis statement you need to render the main message and then support it with arguments and facts in body paragraphs.

  • For example: Although Marilyn Monroe was fortunate and famous, she had lots of habits and disorders that lead her to a tragic death at a young age.

Body paragraphs

This section should consist of the information that you have collected during the research. You need to make sure you always stick to the topic that was introduced in a thesis statement. For example, if you are describing Marilyn Monroe and her life, you should include information about her teenage years and marriages. You may also discuss her addiction to pills, psychological issues and people, who influenced her lifestyle.

Don’t forget to include contradictory facts to give a more complex and vivid picture of the subject.


The final section of your essay should consist of conclusions you have made about the subject. Remember that your essay should end with a catchy detail, so not just restate a thesis or the points of your body paragraphs.

Instead, try to explain what legacy the subject left and how it influences the modern world. Try to answer the following questions:

  • How the subject contributed to the field?
  • Is this legacy relevant nowadays?
  • How is the subject remembered?
  • Whom did they influence the most?

Remember, the best papers don’t only explore the work and life of the person but also introduce previously unknown or interesting facts. Try to dig as deep as possible to discover interesting details.

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