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Writing a career goals essay might seem easy, and comprehensible. Students think this type of essay looks exactly like a motivational letter or personal statement. However, some important differences make this paper more complicated to deal with. The problem is that students and graduates do not have enough working background yet. Therefore, you are probably confused about how to present your career goals properly.

Well, let’s talk about the definition of a career goals essay. This paper presents a student’s goals and expectations for their future job. Not only should it talk about your planes but also it should explain your opinion on why you think you are the right candidate for such a position. It is advantageous to talk about leadership and tell a reader about your past achievements. Include scholarships and olympiads you have won and explain your choice of the particular educational program.

Make this essay unique and personalized. Whether you are applying for a job or it is a university assignment, do your best to make it perfect. And, of course, we will explain to you how to succeed.

Before You Start Or How To Prepare For Writing A Career Goals Essay

Once you start writing, you will not want to prepare materials for different parts of an essay. However, it is improbable to create a high-quality essay without proper preparation. Try to devote at least an hour to writing an outline and picking up the best ideas for your essay. Sometimes you can instantly understand what is the best topic and structure for your essay. However, ideas that are at the surface are usually quite plain. Therefore, your essay might not be as interesting as it can be.

So, what do you need to do before starting to write a career goals essay? Here is a short guide:

  • Write down your main career goals. Think about what type of person you aim to be in a few years. You can have dozens of career-related plans and goals but try to distinguish the most clear and strong of them. Also, dividing them into short-term and long-term career goals will pay off;
  • think about what events and choices of yours led you to a state of mind you have. You should understand what were key moments that made you move in this direction. If it is complicated, call your best friends or relatives and have a relaxed conversation on this topic;
  • answer the question «Do you want to contribute to people’s lives?» It is advantageous if your job has a positive impact on society and social life. Try to sell the idea that you want to be helpful;
  • write an outline and pick up a proper structure. Keep in mind that structure is key to successful paper writing. Use brainstorming to pick up a good structure that makes an essay more attractive and easy to read.

While writing an outline, take time to develop a strong thesis statement, as well as the title of an essay. It has to attract readers’ attention and convey the message of our essay.

What Is The Structure Of A Career Goals Essay? 

As we already said, the structure is key. Creating a good comprehensible structure is half of the success. The thing is that structure can make your essay sound better and become easier to read. Therefore, readers will understand it better. You make the text easy to follow – and it will definitely pay off.

To create a perfect career goals essay, use the following structure:

  1. Introduction. The first paragraph has to attract a potential reader’s attention. Nobody will continue reading if the beginning is not interesting. It has to highlight the most important points from a whole paper. An introduction also has to contain a thesis statement which is your main message. Try to make it short and comprehensible but powerful enough.
  2. First body paragraph. In the first paragraph of the main part, try to present the strongest arguments and easy-to-understand evidence. Again, the most powerful statement should go at the beginning. 
  3. Second body paragraph. Step by step, start writing the second paragraph. Place another argument and support your words with credible evidence. Make sure to follow the logical sequence so as not to confuse a reader. Gradually, switch to the last body paragraph.
  4. Third body paragraph. Present your last arguments and pick up credible sources to support your words. The third paragraph has to be strong and comprehensible. Try to involve a person in an argument, try to encourage a reader to think about the problem. Then, gradually move to the last part of the essay also known as the conclusion.
  5. Conclusion. As we said, it is the closing paragraph of your essay. When writing a conclusion, summarize the main points and arguments. Reformulate your thesis statement and remind readers of your main message. 

We recommend you to use a 5-paragraph structure as it is best for presenting ideas without extra talking. However, if you have more points to discuss, opt for a 7-paragraph structure. But do not include more than 5 sentences in one paragraph. 

Best Writing Tips For Creating A Career Goals Essay

Now, we want to share several tips and tricks that help our writers create dozens of perfect papers every day. It is always recommended to spend as much time as possible to sharpen your skills. However, you will definitely improve the quality of the essay by using each tip. Grab a pad and a pen so you can write down something useful.

  • Start with an outline. Writing an outline can take some extra time but it always pays off. Pick up a good structure, use brainstorming, browse through the Internet to gather information. If you make a thorough outline, you will spend much less time on the writing process itself.
  • Read examples. When you do not have enough experience and knowledge on some topic, find a few good examples. You can come across dozens of high-quality papers that got the highest grade. 
  • Use credible sources. If you cannot pick the right words to express yourself, find a few credible sources. Take some time to read them as it will help you better understand the problem. Then, look at the ways authors explain themselves. 
  • Follow the logical sequence. Make sure that each question develops an idea of a previous one. When you are done, revise and edit the paper to make the text comprehensible and easy-to-read.
  • Stick to your own unique style. Do not try to repeat the words and structure of other people. Even if they got the highest grade, you will not do the same by copying them. Make your essay about yourself and do not think about people with other styles.
  • Ask for help when you need it. If you understand that you cannot create a high-quality paper, don’t hesitate to order professional writing assistance. Writing a career goals essay is simple but not easy. Let us take responsibility for your paper and make it perfect.

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Writing a career goals essay requires a large amount of free time and commitment. Need to make your essay perfect? Make sure to devote enough time and energy to it. Start with an outline and try to create a strong thesis statement. Develop a proper structure and look at the examples of good-looking career goals essays that got A. Do not neglect using our recommendations as they can help you improve the paper.

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