Text is Not Plagiarized?

Text is Not Plagiarized?

Are you surfing the Internet to find examples of works on the assigned topic? Are you sure that it is original? In the majority of cases, it is not unique and consists of a familiar content that many other works online have.

Unfortunately, it is a widespread problem at the moment, because there are multiple websites and databases, where you can download examples of all sorts of works without any fee.

That is why if you want to be sure that your work has no plagiarism, it is better to use a plagiarism checker or follow the tips below.

Sources Variety

You should never limit your work to a single source. The chances of being accused of plagiarism in such a case are very high. If you want to succeed, try to use multiple sources: online libraries, books or academic articles.

Learning how avoid plagiarism is a science and it makes up a big part of your paper’s success, so never leave a single detail to chance.

Use Your Mind

If you want to be sure that your paper has no plagiarism, you should always use your own mind without using someone else’s ideas. If you never even peek into other works, the chances of having a plagiarized paper are close to zero.

In addition, you train your brain and develop multiple various skills.


Staying organized and focused is one of the best plagiarism ways tips. In such a way you will always know how much time you have left and you won’t feel tempted to download a ready sample.

Moreover, being organized helps to keep all the files and notes in order. It is a great contribution to your success not only with certain papers but also throughout the college years.


Any time you are willing to insert a quote or any data, taken from a book, a publication or an article, you should cite the source. Depending on the required formatting style, it can be an in-text citation or a citation on a separate piece of paper.

Make sure every statistics, quote or mentioning of a person’s words have an appropriate reference.

Use Plagiarism Checkers

Any time you are looking for information online and decide to use it in your own works, make sure you use plagiarism software to be on a safe side.

With the help of such programs, you will not only be sure that your content is unique but will get a paper analysis on the structure and content. This will help to eliminate mistakes, which you missed out.

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