Reflection Paper – What Is it?

Reflection Paper – What Is it?

Writing an analytical document is necessary for a student. It helps to learn how sharing emotions and experiences with the audience correctly. This is a way to convey your opinion, whether to allow others to accept it or not. In this article, we will try to help you understand how a reflexive paper is composed and what its purpose is.

In this piece of writing, a student can state his thoughts about some event, film, or book. This is like a discussion. The work consists of several parts:

  • Description – in this part the student explains the facts that created the event;
  • Personal opinion – provides an estimate based on personal experience.

This type of work is distinguished by a more informal approach and makes it possible to deviate from the strict requirements that many academic assignments pursue. A relaxed tone, first-person writing style and expressing opinions are key features of the paper. This is a literal position about the chosen topic.

Your work should be focused on your point of view. To enhance your opinion, use reputable resources. They will help to confirm what you believe. You should not explore the chosen topic from all the sides. Take the time to think about the task before you start composing. Take your time and write reflection paper impartially. There are no prohibitions and restrictions.

There are several varieties of reflection paper. Each option is determined by the situation and differs in the writing process:

  • Educational – this kind of paper is the answer to a book or film studied in an academic environment. This is one form to evaluate what students have learned;
  • Professional – one of the ways to assess your professional behavior. This form of work is especially prevalent among workers in the educational and social environment.
  • Personal – an excellent technique for assessing your thoughts and feelings. Used to highlight a personal theme.

All forms of paper have the same basic ideas so each student can use our recommendations in any direction.

The Basic Structure of Reflection Paper

According to the format standards, there are three parts of the reflection paper. Its structure can be partially changed, and the organization can be modified – because you are working on the personalized text. Nevertheless, you cannot turn off from the writing of the thesis statement, the arguments and supporting evidence.

  • Writing the outline

The outline is easy to make. The writing process is similar to working with a school essay.

  • Introduction

In this part of the work, you should describe the topic, and tell about the main activity. It is necessary to describe the importance and relevance of the topic, the way of its development and perceptual.

  • Body paragraphs

Here follows a detailed description of events and subject. It is necessary to assess the topic and make its in-depth analysis.

  • Conclusion

In order to make a conclusion competently, the author must have a rich life experience. It is most difficult to summarize by analyzing a work of art, such as a picture of another author. It is easier to analyze situations that occurred to you personally.

The key task is to impress the public. You should think about the original and exciting hooks that will attract the attention of the audience at the beginning. It is necessary to attach several theses, as well as share a brief conclusion.


Here we gathered some reflection paper instructions that can be used while composing. These tips will help to make your assignment perfect!

  1. You, as a writer, should take a note of your own method and style of composing. You must develop your own writing manner. Just take notes of your ideas and fuss your thoughts as clearly as possible. Understand your own stream – then the readers will be able to understand it too;
  2. Your work certainly differs in the style of narration. It is important to keep this style as formal as possible;
  3. The structure and format of the work should be classic. Think about the requirements for these tasks. Write an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Keeping the order is a sure way to get started;
  4. You should remember that it is necessary to operate only with your experience. Personal opinion and some facts are used in this type of work. But it is important to remember that this is not a letter to a friend – it is a kind of academic assignment;
  5. A reflective essay is based on personal experience. Nevertheless, it must be specific and correspond to the chosen topic. You do not need to combine several opinions and experiences in one work. Just find out a scheme and determine the right and the most important point that will fit perfectly to your topic;
  6. Do not try to master the writing of the entire text immediately. Plan your work, leave time for breaks. Follow your main direction using a mind map;
  7. Your paper should not reflect free analysis. Try to structure your thoughts and ideas as much as possible. Everything should be clear and understandable. The author’s facts should be consistent and logical.

Popular Reflection Paper Topics

  1. The book that turned my worldview
  2. The period in my life when my heart was broken
  3. A trip to another country last summer
  4. The most popular place for our family vacation
  5. My participation in a basketball game
  6. The indelible impression of the film of my favorite director
  7. The man who played a huge role in my life
  8. The best and luckiest day in my life
  9. The time when I felt unhappy and helpless
  10. The most painful thing that my best friend did

Who Will Write My Reflection Paper

Reflection paper is a small assignment, written in 1-2 sheets. A student can write a paper about a person, an event, a book or a film. He occurs the reflective thinking and expresses his independent opinion on a particular issue, operating with personal experience. In case of any problems with homework, you can always ask for writing help from our specialists.

All important details, such as subject, the volume of work, specific deadlines for the provision of individual parts and the entire work, the possibility of free improvement, are stipulated in advance and strictly observed.

In our studio, the reflection paper is carried out in several stages – from drawing up a plan to finalizing the final version. The phased implementation allows you to make adjustments immediately in the course of work. Thus, the customer can be sure that everything will be done in full compliance with the requirements of the tutor and the university requirements.

Whatever the complexity of the assignment, the quality of the work and the availability of the context will make it possible to get the cherished A + even to the busiest student who does not have the time to prepare!

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