Definition of a Process Essay

Definition of a Process Essay

Writing process essay can be a tough task for many students. A process essay is either an essay explaining how to do something or the one explaining how something works. Such an essay type is common for those who study a subject following linear protocols, for example, sciences.

The first “how to do something” type is to tell the reader how to follow the directions and do what you are explaining.

The second one “how something works” type is to inform your reader, let him understand the process once he finishes reading your essay.

The essay structure is not complicated.


The process essay structure is one of the simplest. Its goal is to explain the process and your task is to do it in few steps. The process essay consists of an introduction (it introduces the process you will be explaining and what’s its importance to the reader), main body (it supposes you to provide the details), and conclusion (it doesn’t have to include anything new).

When it concerns academic writing, it is always good to have a certain plan. Each of the stages should follow a certain chronological order. Depending on the process of development, you can add some more details.

The length of the essay depends on the procedure chosen. In order not to have a too small essay in the end, simply don’t pick the extra-fast procedures.

  • Regardless of the topic of your process essay, you should define the target audience from the very beginning! You should avoid very difficult terms in case your reader is an average user. However, if you write it for the advanced users, you should definitely include some professional terms and show how competent you are in the chosen field. And the good news is that you don’t have to worry about the structure. While the detailed process provides the student with the defined structure. However, we still recommend you to have a plan.
  • Main body. The opening paragraph should contain the analyzed procedure along with your ideas on why the process you describe is so special and important. The history and background of the process shouldn’t be discussed, as well as any other details not relating the process itself. Also, make sure to tell the reader about the ways of getting some rare required equipment and tools. Prevent your readers from injuring or getting trapped by providing the warnings about the possible safety risks. Do not simply describe the steps, but add some mistakes to avoid along with some tips on how to make the process faster and simpler. Use clear words to add every step in chronological order. Divide your steps into subgroups, such as 1a, 1b, etc. in order to avoid failures or confusing situations.

You should always address to the second person (you) in your process analysis essay. This allows readers to trust you and sounds more personal. In order to make the description of the procedure logical and clear to each of your readers, apply lots of transitional words and phrases. Your text doesn’t have to be repetitive.

By the way, in the process of writing your manual or instruction, get back to the steps described and check whether everything works as you described to your reader.

  • The aim of your instruction or manual is to enable users to repeat all the provided actions for activating the processor solving the problem themselves. If the users can’t do that, it means you failed to give them proper instructions. Your concluding paragraph should start with the short review of the process; recall what the readers were doing, during what time, and what their results should be. The body paragraphs contain the detailed interpretation of every step. But your conclusion is to contain only one short sentence summarizing each stage of the process.

Process Essay Topics

This genre can offer you a wide range of topics, from how to draw a cow to how to set up an email account. Whatever you choose, you should write a full instruction on how to do everything.

Process essay topics can be divided into three categories: easy, medium, and hard.

Easy topics may include the following:

  1. How to draw a cow.
  2. How to win when playing chess.
  3. How to pass an interview successfully.
  4. How to make origami flowers.
  5. How to create a perfect yard.
  6. How to knit a sweater.
  7. How edit pictures using certain programs?

Medium topics can be as follows:

  1. How does semantic memory influence psychoanalysis?
  2. How gambling companies influence the needs of people.
  3. How to prevent civil war.
  4. How to change your engine oil?

Some good examples of hard topics are:

  1. Steps toward successful cell meiosis.
  2. How to live in a modern capitalistic society successfully.
  3. How psychological anxiety makes people smoke.
  4. How a cup of coffee influences the brain.
  5. How to get rid of the harmful addictions via meditation?

If you decided to write process essay, you should know that it is sometimes called expository because of its specific tone. In the process of writing, you should watch your tone and express the thoughts in a neutral way. Remember it should include specific instructions.

Sometimes students can choose their own subject to write. And in that case, it’s recommended to choose the topic you are acquainted with perfectly. In case you are given a specific topic, your professor wants to see how successfully you can learn something new and interesting. Your sentences should be short and concise. You also have to conduct your own research.

You can choose to write a directional academic paper or a narrative one. To write a good one, you should be really precise about the topic you choose. The outline will be really helpful, even if the task seems to be easy for you. In an outline, it’s necessary to write each step briefly.

Don’t forget to list the necessary requirements, make a list of ingredients, tools, etc. You can also provide pictures and symbols to clarify the specialized knowledge. It is much easier to follow the steps described if you add pictures.

Keep in mind that all the directions should be kept chronologically, and the sequence of your steps has to be exact. Both sentences and paragraphs should be short, and the words have to be easy to understand.

Who Will Write My Process Essay?

Writing your process essay is not that easy as it may seem. You can choose to write it yourself, however, this requires some efforts, certain skills, and, of course, much time.

If you decided to do it on your own, here are some helpful tips for you to get your A+:

  • If your topic sounds too wide, you should narrow it and make it precise and clear enough.
  • As we have mentioned already, prepare your outline, which will be the structure of your essay.
  • Mention if more than one person is required to complete the process.
  • Include the definitions to the specific terms your reader might not have any idea about.
  • When allowed by the professor, include some images, graphics, tablets, etc. to explain the process or specific term.
  • Any instruction contains cautions and warnings!
  • Finish your instructions explaining what the reader should get once the process is over. List the success factors.

It sounds easy, right. However, if you are not sure to have enough skills or knowledge about what you are going to write, it’s much better to entrust your work to professionals. Our experts are always at your disposal! Of course, it’s always better to start the writing process beforehand; however, our professional essay writers are ready to work even in the toughest time frames. And be sure to get your process essay on time! Don’t waste your time browsing the Internet, your best process essay is in one click from you, while you get a perfect writing at an affordable price!

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