Evaluation Essay Is…

Evaluation Essay Is…

Evaluation essay aims to show the general quality of a certain service, place, product or object. However, solely conveying your personal opinion is not enough – you need to conduct a thorough research of the subject and to come up with judgment and evidence. This means that if y Here  ou fail to back your ideas with reliable facts, your essay may be considered too subjective and you will be asked to rewrite it anew.

High-school students are often puzzled how to cope with this sort of an assignment, because it is not the most common one. Luckily, it has a general structure and you only need to know what to include to every section in order to succeed.

A common outline of an evaluation paper looks as follows:

  • Introduction;
  • Body paragraphs with key arguments;
  • Conclusion.

Choose Good Evaluation Essay Topic

There are literally millions of evaluation essay topics in every area, so you need to be quite picky to choose an interesting and fresh subject to discuss. Here are some of the most helpful tips:

  • Choose a topic you are interested in. This will help you to stay motivated;
  • Pick reliable sources that will contain only resent and credible information;
  • Analyze data comparing various sources;
  • Use your own ideas and say no to plagiarism.

Topics on Entertainment

  • How your favorite modern romantic movie depicts romanticism?
  • Evaluate a classical romantic movie and discuss its ideas on functions of women and men throughout that time period;
  • Compare a classical and a modern romantic movie. Which is the best one?
  • Evaluate an action movie and discuss what makes it so popular;
  • Evaluate a war movie and analyze whether it responds to modern military conflicts;
  • Analyze a historical movie and how a certain period is depicted, using background, clothing and drama;
  • Analyze a musical. Discuss why people like or dislike it;
  • Describe a drama film and explain whether the event is depicted in a good way;
  • Evaluate a book-inspired movie. Did the film manage to stay true to the book? Is it better than the original?
  • Analyze a sequel. Did it manage to bring anything new to the story? Or did it just replay the first film?
  • Describe a foreign film. Discuss how the film depicts cultural peculiarities of the country;
  • Evaluate songwriter’s work of a particular movie. Talk about the methods and instruments he or she uses;
  • Compare an animation movie and real events, on which it is based. Which one is better in depicting this sort of narrative;
  • Make a review on the classical movie remake. Tell how the original scenario is adapted. What movie is better: the remake or the original one?
  • Pick a movie star and evaluate performance in several movies. What are their distinguishing features in various roles? What type of a movie character is the most suitable for the personality of a chosen star?
  • Evaluate different movies that were directed by one person. What insight he managed to bring to every product? What was the main message the person tried to render?
  • Evaluate visual effects in modern movies. Do you sometimes feel that those effects are used only to impress the audience and not to advance the plot? Can this be an issue?
  • Evaluate a movie for children. What is the main message the director is trying to transmit? Does the film have a positive influence on children?
  • Evaluate a PG- or G-rated film. How does it engage kids and grown-ups? Is it efficient enough to captivate people of different ages?

Topics on Sport

  • Analyze achievements of your favorite sports team during the last season. Did they meet your expectations?
  • Make comparison of watching a sport event on television and attending it live;
  • Compare watching a sports event at home and in a pub;
  • Evaluate watching sports event on your own or with other fans;
  • Does tailgating before a soccer game have an impact on attending a match? Describe tailgating experience of your favorite team;
  • Ponder on sports game supporters. What types of supporters do you usually meet? Discuss the ways how deeds of such supporters trivialize sports event experience;
  • Evaluate cuisine of a sport establishment. What is the best meal they offer? How does the food they serve influence experience of visiting a sports event?
  • Evaluate achievements of a certain member of a sport team. Is he or she underrated or overrated?
  • Discuss a celebrity of basketball, soccer, baseball or other type of sports. Tell the reader how he or she influences the team, its achievements and the total amount of money he or she makes;
  • Evaluate regulations of the playoff for your favorite type of sports. Do these regulations help to preserve competitiveness of every team? What do they do to maintain interest of supporters?
  • Describe college and professional football team of your home town. Evaluate importance of football for the local community. Describe how football brings achievement sense to the locals;
  • Did you have experience participating in rugby or lacrosse during your college years? Evaluate it;
  • Assess swimming as a kind of sports. Compare it to team kinds of sports. What are benefits of swimming? What are its peculiarities in terms of training?
  • Assess programs in gymnastics. If possible, compare two different programs: age groups of competitors, abilities that could be acquired, coaching, etc.;
  • Evaluate how your college soccer team is managed. Is the coaching detrimental or beneficial to its members when it comes to other aspects of lives? Do the members of the team feel pressured to play even after injuries? Is the methodology of choosing players adequate?
  • Tell about the coaching of your favorite basketball or football team during the last season. You can also evaluate a team with a brand new coaching;
  • Evaluate dance studios of your hometown. If possible, compare them and their programs. Is the program managed thoroughly? Are the prices affordable? Is the program good enough for the age of its participants? Do they offer taking part in contests?
  • Is there a soccer program for teenagers in your local community? Evaluate it;
  • What are the best teams you can sign up with in your area? Discuss what makes them the best in the community.

Topics on Culture

  • How to cultivate good culture in teenagers;
  • Culture wars and their consequences;
  • Influence of stand-up shows on youngsters;
  • Evaluate multiculturalism and its consequences;
  • What is similar and different in ancient and modern arts;
  • Social conflicts, caused by ‘Westernization’;
  • What are the reasons of a cultural shock?
  • What is a homesick?
  • Cultural diversity of the United States citizens;
  • How to address problems, caused by difference in cultures?
  • Rap origins;
  • What influenced culture of modern India?
  • How internet communication impacts children;
  • How ‘The Great Gatsby’ movie depicts culture of the U.S. society of those times?

Topics on Education

  • Evaluate private, classical, catholic, army and boarding educational institutions, and compare them to public ones;
  • Compare ACT and SAT exams;
  • Are the year-round institutions efficient?
  • What measures does your school or college apply to deal with bullying;
  • What are the peculiarities of fine arts classes in your school?
  • Are the national examination programs efficient?
  • Compare traditional books to software in learning programs;
  • Are programs like ‘no to drugs’, ‘no drunk driving’ and ‘use condoms’ efficient? Which of them are the most popular among students?
  • What is the best way to train leadership skills in students? Were you a member of such a program or organization?
  • Evaluate a coaching program and its usefulness.

Topics on Food

  • Frozen meal: its pros and cons. Is it edible?
  • Takeout food. Its taste, quality and delivery. Do you recommend it?
  • Evaluate nowyour college cafeteria. Are the personnel friendly? Does the food taste good?
  • What is your favorite fast-food dish? Compare how it is served in two different restaurants;
  • Did you work in a restaurant? Share your experience of being an employee in a food industry;
  • The quality of pizza in a takeaway pizzeria;
  • Compare homemade food at Johnny’s and a fast-food menu;
  • What is the most popular diner in your city? Is the quality really good?
  • Do you recommend buying pre-cooked meals at a supermarket?
  • Compare and evaluate a cheap and an expensive restaurant. What are the similarities and differences? Is the food different? Do you find prices fair?
  • Could you recommend tourists a restaurant in your area, which serves homemade dishes?

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