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The way people communicate nowadays and the number of opportunities for better intercultural interactions have considerably changed if we compare it with the past. It has happened mostly due to technological progress and the peculiarities of international politics.

You can easily communicate with your friends all around the globe and send them messages or use video chats. Interpersonal communication can play a significant role in building effective international relations between all countries of the world. Effective dialogue has moved to the front of people’s initiatives and can contribute greatly to solving a lot of important problems.

Communication is studied as an academic discipline, and plenty of essential questions are covered in it. If you are a student, to select an appropriate communication topic may seem like a challenge to you. In this article, you will find lots of suitable topics for various categories for your communication research paper. You can use any of them or change them as you wish.

Main Approaches That Are Used to Study Communication

To study various aspects of communication, several approaches are used. The approach you choose will determine the focus of your paper.

If you use the postmodern approach, viewing the human condition through the prism of a person’s perception will be your primary goal. You will need to acknowledge that there are a lot of viewpoints that can be considered the truth, and it is normal for the reality you live in. Gender, race, and ethnicity can be challenged by this approach as it considers our nature flexible and easily altered.

In the interpretive approach (it is also known as the humanist approach), human behavior is considered spontaneous. Qualitative methods are used in this approach. You don’t need to predict behaviors, and you should be able to understand them. For example, if culture is the focus of your research, you will need to write about it from the point of view of members, not researchers’ schemes.

If you use a social science approach (behaviorist or functionalist), you should admit the predictability of a person’s behavior. Observation and quantitative methods of research are usually used in this approach. In the paper, your goal will be to predict or describe behavior using observation and quantitative research. The social science approach originates from psychology and sociology research. According to this approach, culture is a quantifiable variable, and its influence upon the dialogue is as significant as that of personal qualities.

In the critical approach, the focal point about reality is that it is subjective, and the dialogue is contextually dependent. According to his approach, culture originates from power struggles. This approach does not only study intercultural human behavior, and its goal is to achieve alterations in society. The followers of this approach are aiming at liberating people who don’t have power.

How to Write an Exquisite Research Paper From Scratch

If your goal is to write an impressive academic paper on communication, you will find several useful recommendations below.

Narrow the Scope of Research

You are often required to write a paper of the required length. That is why it’s better to choose a more narrow topic. If the topic is too broad, you will not manage to research all necessary aspects properly as required.

Use Several Relevant Sources

To conduct extensive research is an important condition for writing a highly-scored research paper. In the paper, you need to review chosen sources on the relevant topic. Reviewing only one source is not enough and will not allow covering the topic properly.

Refer to Trusted Sources

In a research paper, as in any other academic paper, a student is required to look through reliable sources on the topic. A great amount of relevant information is contained in scientific journals, but you can use reliable websites or books as well.

Use Only Recent Relevant Sources

Search for new publications to use in your paper because the information in your research should be relevant. You cannot write your paper using old, outdated information. Technological progress made it necessary to keep up with new advancements, and it’s significant for your research as communication is greatly affected by progressive changes.

Write Objectively

After you have chosen a topic, you should think about its possible perspectives. Highlight opposite points of view and demonstrate examples to back up every point convincingly.

Structure Your Research Paper Correctly

Writing an academic paper, you should remember that it should have a certain structure. A typical research paper should consist of the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. Every section of your paper has its primary goal. A compelling introduction should be written in concise and clear language and contain a thesis statement.

Every of your body paragraphs should begin with a topic sentence and contain evidence supporting your point. In one of the paragraphs, you should discuss the point of view that is opposite to your topic. The conclusion, as in any research paper, contains the summary of the paper.

Edit and Proofread the Paper

A well-written research paper should be written without any errors, be appropriately structured and stylistically correct. The paper should be written using academic language, and you should use specific terms correctly. It’s important to know the principal types of formatting and to use the correct one.

To make sure the paper corresponds to the standards of your institution, take your time to edit and proofread your text, so it contains no errors of any kind. If you think you need professional help, feel free to contact our service. It will allow you to save your precious time and be sure that your paper gets the highest grade.

30 New Topics for Your Communication Research Paper

  1. Journalism and freedom of speech.
  2. Ethics in journalism: fake news.
  3. The influence of new technological advances on journalism.
  4. Journalism in the time of globalization.
  5. The impact of technological progress on advertising.
  6. Advertising for mobile devices.
  7. Ways of information exchange between cultures.
  8. The role of artifacts in the exchange of information between cultures.
  9. Intercultural marriages as a factor of intercultural communication.
  10. Common problems of adaptation of international students.
  11. Peculiarities of nonverbal communication on the internet.
  12. How to build healthy business communication in virtual reality.
  13. How do social media contribute to a healthy lifestyle?
  14. The problem of internet safety for teenagers.
  15. The influence of social media upon political views of the population.
  16. Social media and traditional mass media: what are the differences?
  17. Effective use of social media in marketing.
  18. Main types of relational communications.
  19. Main types of negotiation styles.
  20. Best negotiation tactics for a conflict.
  21. The use of social media in Europe and its influence on human relations.
  22. Business communication and mass media.
  23. What makes social media effective for the organization of social protests?
  24. The role of age in targeted advertising.
  25. What are the main principles of location-based advertising?
  26. The influence of advertising on consumer preferences.
  27. Main advantages of using social media in an international advertising campaign.
  28. Benefits of internet communication.
  29. Importance of intercultural dialogue.
  30. The role of translation for intercultural relations.

The Final Insight

Choose the most beloved topic and create outstanding research! If you have not enough time or skills to cope with such an assignment, you may also ask our experts for help. They made the list of topics presented above. What’s more, they can give some more recommendations. Just place an order and get our help. We are ready to assist you 24/7!

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